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Lunch at Sweet Tea

31 Jul

I had tried the pastries only, I went there for lunch. I’m really fed up with Taiwanese and Chinese food now, and my dream would be to eat a real good steak/lamb or even better: a tartare and not meat in small pieces. Well, i wanted something nice and healthy, and i picked a salmon salad.

Croutons, fresh salmon, parmesan, parsley, salad, cherry tomatoes and a sauce. The salmon was the best i’ve ever had, so tasty. I’m not a huge fan of this kind of sauce with salads, but the ingredients inside were really good so it conterbalanced it. Just the price was the hardest thing to digest: 540NTD.

As a dessert, i chose the homemade ice-creams. You can choose whatever you want and the topping you want. One scoop is 90 NTD and the topping is 20NTD for each, except the homemade chantilly which is 40NTD. I chose coffee and hazelnut ice-cream, the chantilly, meringue and roasted hazelnuts.

The hazelnut was nice but my fav was of course the coffee one. A real and strong coffee flavor. Just maybe it was a little too liquid. The meringue was crispy just nicely but a little too sweet after the coffee (but that’s my fault for not picking the right topping). However, i really had a problem with the hazelnuts. They tasted like flowers and i don’t like them. And it doesn’t look like hazelnuts at all to me. So either way they gave me flowers and not hazelnuts, or they really gave me hazelnuts but i’m so stupid i can’t recognize them and they are roasted in a special way. But this one was not good to me. As for the chantilly, the vanilla flavor was nice but i would have prefered a little heavier one so that it would not melt too quickly and disapear.


20 Jun

If you want salads, bagels, pitas, croissants, a brownie, an apple pie or a waffle, that’s the place to go around NCCU. They have nice and big Novergian salads (except for the sauce, but well, that’s everywhere the same on this point anyway). The pitas look also pretty big and the brownie is known to be delicious. As for the waffles, they’re similar with the other coffee alley i’ve been before in Neo19. So yeah, if you want to have a western food or a sweet treat, you can go there.


25 Apr

I had never been there, but i like the principle of using a card to order everything you want in free service and to scan it to pay at the end. I picked a salad and asked for the sauce to be appart, as i’m really not fond of the sauce in Taiwan (always sweet). I prefered mixing olive oil and balsamic on my own. The salad isn’t fresh though.

As for the dessert, i picked a Tiramisu with was awkwardly with alcool. The coffee flavor was nearly non-existant. Definetely not a good one.

But you have an amazing view and the restaurant in nice too, so for the environment i recommand it, but this is more an American style italian restaurant than an Italian restaurant. If it goes for chain restaurants like these, i really prefer Pizza Del Arte for the food.

NCCU – Jim’s burger

31 Mar

I’ve been there twice now, and it’s one of the foreign students’ favorite places. Jim’s burger is one of the few to provide salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, pancakes, toasts and bagels for a price under 100NTD. So of course all the girls run there when the university bell rings to have a chance to get a seat. Last time i tried there salad, which was nice with cheese, salad, pasta, tacos, olives, chicken, tuna or beef depending what you order. The only bad point is their sauce which is sweet and that i don’t really like, and which you can’t ask to be removed.

This time i tried a chicken-egg bagel, which was actually a chicken omelette bagel. The chicken was to totally cooked. I also discovered that i wasn’t really fond of bagels (i had never eaten any before). It was nice to try anyway. So if you crave for foreign food and well-balanced one, you definetely have to go there!

Taiwanese Breakfast: the cheating crêpe

31 Oct

I was cheated!!!!!! It hurts. Really.

I thought it was a crepe filled with salad, corns and tomatoes, (i asked if it was like the salad that was just next to it and the woman said it was pretty much the same).

I started to eat, and then…WTF?!

It was a crêpes filled with soy, SUGAR, PEANUTS and CROUTONS.

Where did they see that you put sugar with salad?! And with Peanuts? And eat croutons with sugar and crêpes?! It’s driving me crazy to see sugar everywhere…

Crepe – NCCU

23 Oct

I was disappointed by French crepes in the Taiwanese way, but the Taiwanese crepes are a way better in fact. I chose one with veggies and beef (in fact it was beef ham). The waffle is crispy and huge!! And the filling is like a big salad. What’s strange is that i didn’t see her put any oil on her pan. However the dough is a lot thicker and it easily takes 6/7 minutes to be cooked, because she only cook one side of the crepe.

In the end: good and not as unhealthy as French ones…

La cantine Merci

12 Aug

I went there for a lunch with my friend. I first wanted to try Bob’s kitchen, but August being the worst month to go out because everything is closed, we ended up here. The atmosphere is really nice, you have an open view, some sofa, an old black&white movie is projected on the walls, they sell dvds…

We both ordered l’Assiette du jour which consisted of a rocket salad with one mozzarella and two slices of ham ans a kind of pesto (there was basilica, lemon, and oil but it was not the real taste, i don’t really know what it was). Well, for 15 euros i’d say that you pay for the  place, because a lettuce is still a lettuce, whatever the way  you put it even if it’s bio. The mozzarella was not that good, i have better at home. Kind of disappointing.

La Cantine Merci
111 Bd Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Je suis allée là-bas pour un déjeuner avec une amie. Le lieu est sympa, on trouves des fauteuils, des tables basses, un film en noir et blanc est projeté au mur, ils vendent des dvds…

Nous avions toutes les deux choisi l’Assiette du jour qui consistait en une salade de roquette, une mozzarella et quelques tranches de jambon de pays avec une tranche de pain (ok, assez bon le pain) et un genre de pesto, le tout pour 15 euros. Entre nous, ça m’a fait  mal de mettre 15 euros dans une salade, qui reste toujours une salade de roquette, peu importe la façon dont on voit les choses, même si elle est bio. Je comprend qu’on paye bien entendu pour le cadre sympa et parce que ça fait bien de mettre ce prix pour une salade bio quand on est bobo. Mais cela reste assez décevant.

La Cantine Merci
111 bd Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

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