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Black Pork noodles

8 Jun

Like beef noodles, but with black pork! The broth is with pepper, pork, green onion, carrots. So actually it also has a taste very similar with the western broth.

Korean stew

8 Jun

A non spicy stew with meat! Actually it tastes like some french sauce of “Boeuf Bourgignon” and the meat is pretty similar too except that our pieces of meat are bigger and there’s more meat than sauce (here it’s the opposite). Like it, but i forgot the name of it.

Duruchigi at Blue Kimchi

8 Jun

A new korean dish: Duruchigi. What is that? Black big with soy, garlic, cabbage in a pan/wok, and then you put it on a lettuce leaf with rice and wrap it like a nem. When i saw the fresh lettuce, i became totally mad, because in Taiwan it doesn’t exist. I miss fresh lettuce so much so i ate it all. The dish isn’t too spicy and you have everything inside: meat, veggies, and cereals with the rice.

La Rotisserie – Palais de Chine

4 Jan

I was in the Palais de Chine hotel restaurant for different reasons for breakfast and diner. Unfortunately i couldn’t take pictures of the breakfast, but i managed to get some for the diner.
The breakfast is nice, the quality is a way better than in the Meridien, the pastries are nice, and you have a large choice. You also have cheese and bread (the bread isn’t good, but well, pretty ok when compared to Taiwanese bakeries), salads, toast, yogourt, jam, French toast, homemade omelette, pancakes and French toasts. I also really like the fact that you have real honey, with honeycomb. The choice of juices is also quite wide, with passion fruit and mango juice and they have a real expresso (that is really nice).
For the american buffet, you have sausage, potatoes
I can only complain about the fruits, which are quite rare on the buffet compared to some other breakfast buffet, but they are fresh, so…
You also have a lot of Japanese products, but i guess it is because the hotel’s customers are often Japanese (i hardly saw any foreigner). So you have miso soup,fish, and of course the Taiwanese breakfast mantou, congee, mushrooms, cabbage, shaobing, youtiao, chaozi…
So in the end, for westerners, you have a little bit less choice than in the Meridien, but the quality is better.

Now diner. La rotisserie is a semi-buffet. You have a salad bar, the soup of the day, your meat, and a dessert buffet.
The salad bar is really huge: crab, claw,shrimps, squid, salads,big tomatoes (I miss real tomatoes here, they mainly only have small ones), ham they cut for you, sushi, sashimi, maki they also prepare in front of you (but they’re not that good), bread with dried apricots, bread, springrolls.
An advice: ask for the “Bayonne ham” to be cut in thin slices, otherwise they give you a slice that is a way too thick to eat.

The soup of the day was with tomatoes, basilica, shell, and i would say a brew including squid. Nice and helpful to digest before the main dish.
My father and i chose an Australian Rib-eye of 6oz. All the meat are 6oz which is already quite a lot i think. They served if with blanch tomatoes, yellow and green zucchinis and sautéed potatoes (awww i missed it so much) with only salt and pepper, but that’s the best way to cook it. You can ask for a sauce, but we all only asked for mustard. We asked for rear meat, and it was nicely done too. The meat was really tender and yummy. However it was really warm, nearly cold, a little hotter would have been better.

Desserts now. A wide choice too: chocolate fondue, cheese, fresh fruits, movenpick ice-cream (but they sadly they didn’t have coffee), candies, yogourt, fruitpaste, donought lollipop without cream (in the morning they have cream inside), pistacchio and chocolate financier, and other small pieces. The cakes are beautiful but not that good actually. I also learned that i definetly don’t like cheesecakes, and since a lot of their desserts are cheesecakes, it may be a reason too of why i’m not that into their dessert. I didn’t finish most of them because of lack in taste. Again, like the majority of the Taiwanese dessert, the look is better than the taste. I recommand the pistacchio desserts, the peer-chocolate with alchool, the ice-creams, fruitpastes and chocolate fondue.

Also the staff is nice, you have musicians playing in the back, but the service a way too long if you don’t eat 4 plate of salad buffet like the Taiwanese we saw. Another nice stuff is the Lagiole knife, which is really convinient to cut your meat.
It’s a nice restaurant for the price (depending your meat but around 2000TWD without tax per person), since you can eat a much as you want and the meat is really good.

La Rotisserie
Palais de Chine 6Fl
3, Chengde Rd Sec 1
MRT: Taipei Main Station

Fried and Boiled dumplings

16 Dec

2 reciepes of dumplings, depending on how you prefer them (i personally prefer the boiling one: juicier and healthier).

Ingredients for 4 people:
– 300g of minced pork
– 1 green onion
– Taiwanese cabbage
– dumpling wrapper
– 2 table spoons of soy sauce
– half a tea spoon of sugar
– 5 tea spoons of salt
– 1 tea spoon of sesame oil
– water
– oil

Wash the cabbage, chop it into strips and mix it with salt for 20 minutes and then drain out the water.
In a bowl, mix minced pork, soy sauce, sugar, salt, sesame oil, then put the all with the cabbage and the green onion and mix again.
Put a few filling in the middle of the wrapper, put water on the sides of the wrapper, fold it in two and be sure that it’s well stick. Then start folding it, starting from the middle to one side. Turn down a piece of the dought and pinch it.

For fried dumplings:
Turn on the cooker, clean it with some water and a cloth. Wait for it to be heated. Add some oil. Wait for the sizzling then put your dumplings. Let them change color for about 4/5minutes and add water up to half the dumpling height. Wait until the power pop-up, and it’s ready.

For boiled dumplings:
Put a lot of water into the cooker, wait for it to boilt, and put your dumplings for 10mn.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

2 sortes de raviolis: les frits et les cuits à l’eau. Personnellement je préfère ceux à l’eau qui sont plus juteux et moins gras.

Ingrédients pour 4 personnes:
– 300g de porc haché
– 1 oignon vert
– choux Taiwanais
– pâte à ravioles chinoises
– 2 cuillères à soupe de sauce soja
– 1/2 cuillère à café de sucre
– 5 cuillères à soupe de sel
– 1 cuillère à café d’huile de sésame
– huile
– eau

Laver le chou et le couper en lamelles. Le mélanger au sel et attendre 20mn, puis le laver de nouveau pour enlever le sel en trop.
Dans un bol, mélanger la viande, la sauce soja, le sucre, le sel et l’huile de soja. Rajouter le chou et l’oignon vert et mélanger encore.
Mettre un peu de farce au milieu des galettes à ravioles, mouiller les rebords et les plier en deux et vérifiant que les extrémités soient bien collées. En partant du milieu et en allant vers chaque extrémités, plier en “pinçant” la pâte à intervalles réguliers pour donner une forme de ravioli.

Les raviolis frits:
Verser un verre d’eau dans le cooker et le nettooyer avec un chiffon. Attendre que le fond chauffe et rajouter de l’huile. Quand on commence à entendre le crépitement, verser les raviolis et attendre 4/5 minutes le temps qu’ils se colorent. Rajouter de l’eau jusqu’à la moitié de leur hauteur et attendre encore 5 minutes à couvert. 

Les raviolis bouillis:
Comme les pâtes italiennes: Verser une grande quantité d’eau, attendre qu’elle bouille et verser les raviolis. 10 minutes après, c’est prêt.

Microwaves: Pasta and its veggies

3 Nov

The microwaves becomes your very best friend when you only have it. Here is a small recipe to cook some pasta.

-1/2 onion

– 1 garlic
– 1 tomato
– 1 pepper
-1 eggplant
– 120g of meat
-100g of pasta
– olive oil
– salt & pepper
– chesse
– basilica

Cut and peal your tomato in 8. Cut your garlic and onion, put in a plate that goes into microwaves with 2 spoons of oil. Heat 1 minute with full power, and let it wait 1 minute in the microwaves without opening it. Then add your meat and half a tomato. Heat 1 minute, then add your eggplant and pepper (peeled and cut in small pieces), tomato, salt, add pepper, and cook again 2 minutes. Then let it 1 minute in the microwaves.

Put 200 mL of water, 100g of pasta, salt the water, and cook as it’s said on the recipe (less 1 minute). Wait 2 minutes in the microwaves. Remove the water if there’s some left, and mix the sauce with pasta, add cheese and basilica. And enjoy!

Yakuniku – Hualien

18 Oct

From the left to the right:

Spicy omelette with cabbage, peanuts and small fried fishes, clams, oysters, pineapple beef, bamboo, fried mushrooms, spicy mango tofu, pork, and fried fish.

My favorite goes for the pineapple beef, because of the sauce. The bamboo were quite good too, but the mushrooms were quite tasteless, so they didn’t bring anything here. The spicy mango tofu was a way too spicy for me (and in fact, only 2 out of the 11 people were able to eat it). Clams were ok, but again, you have a lot on the table and nearly nothing to eat since they’re often empty. Peanuts and small fishes were also quite great.

Quite expensive, but if you share with everyone, you have for about 250 TND per person. However, it’s worth it.

Rou Bao

18 Sep

Here is one new dish: Rou Bao, or the Meat bread.

Well, you can’t expect to find real bread as we know it in Europe, but they have a lot of soft breads and loaf ones. This meat bread is for breakfast. It’s a steamed d filled with meat, garlic and some spices, depending on each shop i guess. This one was good, but the filling was quite small compared to the bread i think.

A lot of people eat that in the morning, and all the breakfast shops sell them. However, you can buy some for lunch and diner, but i don’t know if they’re the same. I’ll have to check.

Sauté de veau mariné au curry cuit à basse température

13 Aug

Curry marinate veal stew cooked to low temperature

Here is a low temperature recipe to keep all the flavor and the juice of you meat.

Ingredients for 3:
– 800g of veal stew
– 4 spoons of mustard
– 3 teaspoons of curry
– tarragon
– 2 garlics
– sea salt & pepper
– a few drops of lemon juice
– a few drops of tabasco
– 1 glass of dry white wine
– 3 spoons of olive oil + 1

Cut your garlics, put in a container, add the mustard, the curry, the tarragon, the lemon, the tabasco, the 3 spoons of olive oil. Cut your meat in pieces with the same shape, mix in the marinade and direction the fridge for at least 3 hours (i let it 7 hours).
Preheat your oven to 60°C with the plate you’re gonna use.

Remove the marinade of your veal (but keep it), brown it with 1 spoon of olive oil in a casserole dish. At the end of the cooking, add the salt & pepper. Put in your plate. Deglaze your casserole with the white wine and add on the meat with the marinade.

Heat it for about 2hours 45/3 hours, and turn your meat halfway.
Serve it right away.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Voici une recette à basse température qui permet à votre viande de garder tout son goût et son jus. Un peu long, mais ça vaut le coup!

Ingrédients pour 3 personnes:
– 800g de sauté de veau
– 4 cuillères à soupe de moutarde
– 3 cuillères à café de curry
– estragon
– ciboulette
– quelques gouttes de jus de citron
– quelques gouttes de tabasco
– sel & poivre
– 2 ails
– 1 verre de vin blanc sec
– 3 cuillères à soupe d’huile d’olive+1

Préparer la marinade en mélangeant la moutarde, le citron, l’estragon, la ciboulette, le curry, l’ail coupé, le tabasco et les 3 cuillères d’huile d’olive. Couper votre viande en morceaux de même taille (pour la cuisson). Mélanger votre viande et mettre au moins 3 heures au frigo (perso j’ai laissé 7 heures).

Préchauffer votre four à 60°C avec le plat que vous aller utiliser.
Retirer la marinade de la viande, la faire revenir avec une cuillère d’huile d’olive dans une cocotte, et ajouter le sel et le poivre en fin de cuisson. Verser dans le plat avec la marinade, déglacer le fond de la cocotte avec le vin blanc et rajouter la sauce au plat.

Enfourner pour 2h45/3 heures, en retournant la viande à la moitié de la cuisson.

Meat balls & Saffron rice

20 Jul

Here was my deal: I had to cook button mushrooms without their taste or in a way that they would not appear like mushrooms because my father doesn’t like them, and my mother wanted to eat starchy & meat… I was wondering what kind of dish i could prepare with those requirements when i saw on facebook that a friend had a couscous a few days ago. It made me think about meat balls, and then idian (yeah i don’t see the link myself neither…).

So i tried to make some meat ball with button mushroom that would go with saffron rice… Ok, i totally made-up this recipe of meat balls so i don’t really know if that’s great, but my parents finished it so i guess it’s edible.

Meat balls:
– 500g of chopped steak
– 500g of button mushrooms
– 1 big onion
– parsley
– cumin
– red hot pepper
– coriander seeds about 7, you can’t really smell them so more if you like it
– salt & pepper
– 5cl milk
– 2 slices of sandwich loaf
– 2 eggs
– oil
– butter
– flour

Cut your mushrooms in small pieces, cook them with some oil in your frying pan. Let them cool down.
Chop your onion in small pieces. Blend.
Soak your sandwich loaf in milk and put with the onion and mushrooms. Mix this with the meat, add the 2 eggs, salt, pepper, coriander, parsley, red hot pepper, cumin as you like, and mix. Adjust if needed.
I’m sorry i don’t know how much you should put, but i always taste everything to see if it’stasty enough so my proportions are haphazard…(yeah it’s bad).
Make some balls with your hands, roll them in flour and fry them in your frying pan with butter for about 15 mn (it depends your balls).

Saffron rice:
I found the recipe here on dadadelices, i changed a very few things because the recipe is already amazing:
– 45g of butter
– 1 soup spoon of oil
– 1 onion
– 1 tea spoon of sumin
– 1,5 tea spoon of salt
– 1/2 tea spoon of saffron
– 1,5 glass of rice

Melt your butter and oil in a pan, add the cut onion, stir. When it starts changing colors, add the cumin and saffron, wait 30s, then add the washed rice, stir for 2mn and pour 3cm of water, then cover for 15mn.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Voici mon problème: je devais cuisiner des champignons de Paris de façon à ce qu’ils n’en n’aient pas le goût ou la forme vu que mon père ne les aime pas trop, et ma mère voulait des féculents et de la viande. Autant dire que je n’étais pas très inspirée, mais j’ai vue qu’une de mes amies sur facebook avait mangé un couscous il n’y a pas longtemps, et ça m’a fait penser à des boulettes de viande, et ensuite, à de l’indien (ne me demandez pas le lien, je ne le vois pas non plus).

Donc voici une recette inventée e ce qui concerne les boulettes de viande. Hum, je ne sais pas ce que ça donne, mais en tout cas, mes parents l’ont fini donc ça doit être mangeable (après est-ce que c’est par politesse…).

Boulettes de viande:
– 500g de steak haché (steak haché haché pour les intimes ^^)
– 500g de champignons de Paris
– persil
– quelques grains de coriandre
– persil
– sel & poivre
– piment doux
– cumin
– 1 gros oignon
– 5 cl de lait
– 2 tranches de pain de mie
– 2 oeufs
– beurre
– farine

Couper les champignons en petits morceaux, les faire cuire à la poêle avec de l’huile. Les laisser refroidir.
Couper l’oignon, les mixer avec les champignons.
Tremper le pain de mie (sans la croute bien sur) dans le lait, le mélanger à la viande avec les champignons/oignons, les oeufs, le sel, le poivre, le persil, le cumin, la coriandre, le piment. Doser comme bon vous semble, je fais toujours au pif donc je ne connais pas les doses utilisées. En sachant que le riz était au cumin et safran, j’ai aussi accentué cette épice pour les boulettes pour ne pas faire tâche.
Faire des petites boules, rouler dans la farine et cuire environ 15 mn (mais ça dépend plus de la taille de vos boulettes j’ai envie de dire).

Riz au safran:
J’ai trouvé la recette ici sur dadadélices, j’avais déjà fait ce riz et je l’avais adoré.
– 45g de beurre
– 1 cuillère à soupe d’huile
– 1 cuillère à soupe de cumin
– 1 dosette de safran
– 2 cuillères de sel
– 1,5 verre de riz
– 1 oignon

Faire fondre le beurre et l’huile dans une casserole, rajouter l’oignon en remuant jusqu’à ce qu’il change de couleur. Ensuite, rajouter le safran et le cumin, remuer 30s.
Verser le riz et le sel, attendre 2 mn que le riz s’imprègne des épices, et rajouter 3 cm d’eau. Couvrir et faire cuire 15mn.

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