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Lalos – again and again…-

6 Mar

After trying all their cakes (marble, orange, banana, fruits), and most of their breads (ciabatta, ciabatta with olives, seaweed ciabatta, olive oil ciabatta, ciabatta with herbs, garlic bread, cheese bread, bacon bread, longuet, ficelle, baguette, cramberry bread, grape bread, whole bread, cereal bread,…and i think that’s all for breads) , the bakery is developping new ones, so i can have some fun! And ruin myself even more!

This week, they created the onion bread. Hum, mine was too cooked so it spoiled the onion flavor a little, but it smelled damned good. I would also add more onion to stronger the flavor, but i love onion in general, so that might also explain why it’s not string enough for me.

Another one was the soft cristallized lemon bread. What i loved is that there was real lemon inside, which gave a really ince flavor. However the bread was a little too soft (you can’t cut properly it it you don’t have a bread knife), but i know that Taiwanese people prefer soft bread, so the company has to adapt itself to their taste.

I also tried a Pain au chocolat: really nice. The chocolate taste is here, with the 2 stripes, and the pastry puff is crumbly, but not too much, so that you don’t loose your “pain” in crumbs and end up eating only half of it. However the croissant was not as good as the pain au chocolat. The pastry puff is a little too compact and not melting enough (but i guess this has to do with the butter).
So if you have the choice between the two, i would recommand the pain au chocolat over the croissant.

They also improved their honey bread, making a soft version of it for Taiwanese (since they don’t seem to enjoy real bread).
If you have foie gras, the best choice is the Cramberries bread, very good with a nice sweet taste which matches perfectly with it.

Each week you have special offer: last week, with their new honey bread, you had a slice of their banana cake, this week you have a discount if you buy the onion bread.

Taiwanese Breakfast part 2

25 Sep

Another typical taiwanese breakfast (3 meals for me) today.

I tried a chocolate steamed bread (巧克力馒头). I tasted more like licorice than chocolate, and it was quite tasteless in fact. Not really good, but since it’s steamed, i guess that’s why it’s like this. I really like the shape though.

Secondly, i tried a congpao (葱包), with a lot of pepper, onion and some other plants but i’m not really sure of what it is. The bread tasted like real western bread, maybe less salted but there was quite a lot of pepper so it was hard to say. On the top, there were some seeds. Quite good.

Then, i went for the famous fried thing called Youtiao (油條) for taiwanese breakfast. Oily, fat, and even if it’s dough, that’s really empty inside, not like churros at all. And it’s salted. But just too oily for me.

Then tried the pancake i had last time but with cheese and bacon. They didn’t do it the same way as the other shop, and the taste was quite different, but this is like a real omelette. And the other pics are some i took in the morning. The one on the right is people queueing for their breakfast in the famous shop. The one in the middle is the shop i tried today.

Finally, i chose a little cake called supin or something like that. I thought there would be mean inside but it’s just like red beans execpt that’s white and the inside is a little bit like “pâte feuilletée”/puff pastry.

Rou Bao

18 Sep

Here is one new dish: Rou Bao, or the Meat bread.

Well, you can’t expect to find real bread as we know it in Europe, but they have a lot of soft breads and loaf ones. This meat bread is for breakfast. It’s a steamed d filled with meat, garlic and some spices, depending on each shop i guess. This one was good, but the filling was quite small compared to the bread i think.

A lot of people eat that in the morning, and all the breakfast shops sell them. However, you can buy some for lunch and diner, but i don’t know if they’re the same. I’ll have to check.

Des Gâteaux & du Pain 2

31 Aug

I went shopping with my mother for the last day, and she wanted to stop by Des gâteaux & du Pain to buy the almond & grape bread that i bought the other time. Once there, i shew her the pastries just because she didn’t see them last time. I told her about their most reputated one, the Salted Butter Caramel Religieuse, and she said that se wanted one for lunch. So of course i couldn’t let her eat one alone, so i took one too. She’s really good at tricking me like this. But i told her about their guimauves, so she bought it too. I wanted to buy a lemon cake for tomorrow trip at Pierre Hermé’s shop which is close, but she bought me 2 lemon cakes: one from Pierre Hermé, and one from Des gâteaux & du Pain (Am i not lucky? 2 cakes from the best bakeries of Paris to leave ~). I’ll look like a crazy person tomorrow in the plane with my 2 cakes in their package, but well, i am crazy about pastries anyway.

So let’s go back to the main topic: the Salted Butter Caramel Religieuse. Hum hum… Is it my fav? Awww I don’t know. Coffee Religieuse is my god, but i’ve found his wife. This one is better, but i’d not eat it as easily as i’d eat my coffee religieuse, because the taste is more perticular, and this salt butter caramel doesn’t go with a lot of things. It’s amazing, the puff is not too soft, it’s fresh, and the cream inside is really salty, tastes like caramel, really original. And you have a little gold leaf, so that’s awesomely beautiful. Nothing is better looking than a great religieuse, so it was really good. I was not disappointed at all by this cake, and just truly enjoyed it without thinking that i’d not have enough.
The size was perfect, i only ate that as my lunch because i wasn’t hungry, but it can easily finish your meal. It’s really a different religieuse than Carl Marletti’s version, but i don’t know which one i’d prefer. The puff is really different here, hard, and the cream more a little bit more liquid, so the consistences are more different (hard + liquid) than Carl Marletti’s one (softer and creamier). This one is really original, you should definetly try it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

En allant faire du shopping pour mon dernier jour, ma mère a voulu qu’on s’arrête pour aller chercher du pain chez Des Gâteaux & du Pain. Je lui ai montré les gâteaux qu’elle n’avait pas vu la dernière fois, et quand j’ai commencé à lui parler de leur gâteau le plus populaire, la religieuse au caramel au beurre salé, elle m’a dit qu’elle en voulait une pour ce midi. Et comme je ne pouvais pas la laisser manger un gâteau toute seule (ce serait un crime contre l’humanité pour la conscience et pour ce pauvre gâteau solitaire), j’en ai aussi pris une. Elle est douée pour me piéger ma mère…Mais pour me venger, je lui ai parlé des guimauves comme je sais qu’elle aime ça. Donc, des guimauves en plus. Et comme je voulais un cake au citron de chez Pierre Hermé pour le voyage, elle m’a achetée 2 cakes au citron: un de chez Pierre Hermé (avec d’autres gâteaux pour ce soir) et un de chez Des gâteaux & du Pain (je ne suis pas chanceuse?). Demain je vais me retrouver avec 2 cakes dans mes bagages à main. Ils vont surement le prendre pour une folle dans l’avion, mais après tout, je suis bien gaga de pâtisseries, alors tant pis.

Enfin, retournons à notre sujet principal: la religieuse caramel au beurre salé. Est-ce que c’est ma favorite? Awww difficile à dire. En tout cas, si la religieuse au café est mon dieu du dessert, il a trouvé sa déesse. Cette religieuse est meilleure, mais je la mangerais moins facilement que celle au café, car elle est beaucoup plus difficile à accorder et spéciale. Le caramel est salé, comme son nom l’indique, donc c’est un dessert salé. Excellent, mais vous ne pouvez pas boire votre café après par exemple, ça ne va pas du tout avec (horrible, une atrocité).
La taille du choux était vraiment bien. J’ai mangé que ça pour déjeuner, j’avais pas très faim, mais elle peut terminer un repas sans problème, et elle n’est pas trop petite pour que l’on reste sur notre faim.Le choux en soi est excellent, beaucoup plus ferme que ce que j’avais jamais mangé, et la crème plus liquide par contre. Il y a donc un jeu des textures assez intérêssant. Le chou est vraiment différent de celui de Carl Marletti, chez qui le jeu des texture est moins important (crémeux et plus tendre). On a donc là deux desserts vraiment différents. Cela dépend de vos envies en fait. Une touche d’originalité ici, mais pas pour tous les jours. Les meilleures choses doivent rester exceptionnelles, sinon elles perdent de leur valeur.

Eric Kayser

31 Aug

This is supposed to be THE bakery, since this guy supplies the best restaurants of Paris in breads. I’ve heard a lot about Eric Kayser bakeries, so i expected a lot. I’ll say that’s quite a disappointment. I mean, the bread is good, yes, better than average, but i’ve tasted better breads from less famous bakeries, so there’re no need to make such a mountain for this bakery.

Of course, you have a lot of choices. That i can’t deny. You have yogourt bread, Curcuma bread, Fig bread, a lot of different baguettes, so you have a lot of choices, and that is great.
I bought 3 breads to try: the Curcuma one, the Fig one and a Paline Baguette.

The Paline Baguette is quite much like a traditional bread, like a couronne. It is great, but something is laking and doesn’t taste as good as the couronne we usually eat. It’s not as crispy as a couronne, and it’s not going to well with the ‘heavy’ crumb. The crust is too soft i personnally think.

The curcuma bread is quite like a bun, soft too, not like a traditional bread. The color is really funny though, all yellow. However, again i’m disappointed by the taste. You don’t taste the flavor of the curcuma at all, only the nuts. I can’t say that’s because i ate something with it and it made the flavors disapear, because i ate it alone.

The Fig one is the best of the 3 i think. You can smell the fig, and even if the bread was quite soft too, you still keep the taste. Just it’d be better if the crust was crispy.

In the end, you can go for it if you’re looking for different & unusual breads, but it’s not worth making the trip only for that if you go there for the best quality. It’s good, better than average, but that’s all for me.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Voici LA supposée boulangerie, celle qui fournie les meilleurs restaurants de la capitale. J’avais beaucoup entendu parler des boulangeries d’Eric Kayser, et passant devant, je me suis laissée tenter. Peut-être qu’à cause de ce que j’avais lu, je m’attendais à trop, mais en j’ai été assez déçue par ses pains. Bien sûr, ils sont bons, mais pas de là à en faire tout un fromage.

Bien sûr, il y a un nombre important de pains différents, ce qui est très bien en soit, avec plein de choix de baguettes, des pains au yaourt, au curcuma, aux figues, des tourtes…Pour ça, oui, ces boulangeries ont un gros avantage.
J’ai testé 3 pains: figues, curcuma et baguette Paline.
La baguette Paline a le même gôut que les pains traditionnels comme la couronne, mais la croute n’est pas assez croustillantes pour pouvoir se comparer à une couronne, alors que la mie reste aussi lourde, ce qui rend le pain pas très agréable en bouche. Donc il garde le goût de la couronne sans vraiment l’égaler.

Le Pain Curcuma, allez savoir pourquoi il porte ce nom, sachant qu’on ne sent pas le curcuma mais les fruits à coques. Il ressemble plus à du pain brioché, assez mou, sans croute croustillante. Sa couleur est rigolote, tout jaune, mais il reste fade en gôut.
Le pain au figue restera mon préféré des 3. On sent bien la figue, même si là encore, la croute mériterait à être plus croustillante.

Au final, si vous cherchez des pains inhabituels et différents, c’est bien l’endroit, mais si vous cherchez le meilleur pain de la ville, passez votre chemin. Le pain reste bon, beaucoup mieux que la moyenne, mais certainement pas le meilleur.

Les Délices de la Vallée

5 Aug

This is the best traditional bread i usually eat when i’m on holiday in Dordogne. Their bread is always amazing and i can’t understand why we can’t find the same in Paris. We used to go to another bakery but since the owner retired, we go there. The other bakery was so famous in the cities around that all the supermarkets and shops sell his bread. This was called Le Pain de Meyral (the Meyral Bread), from the name of the town the bakery was located (the town was so small that there was only one bakery). Now someone else took over this bakery, but since we were not sure about this new bread, we prefered to go to another town to eat another delicious bread.

So if you’re in the area, just look at this Couronne, doesn’t i look amazing?

They also have another bread called le Rustique. They say it’s the same bread and yeast but it doesn’t really have the same taste, maybe because of the shape. I really prefer the couronne to the rustique, which is less easy to cut anyway and dries quicker than the couronne that you can keep 3 days easily.

Also we tried their viennoiseries. My parents said it bring them back to the past they are “rustic”. I don’t really like them, the croissants aren’t as thin and crispy as those from des Gateaux & du Pain. Maybe that’s because i don’t know old viennoiseries…

Les Délices de la Vallée
Rue Gambetta
24220 Saint-Cyprien

Kougelhof from Des gâteaux & du Pain

17 Jul

I told my parents to go to Des gâteaux & du Pain to buy bread for the dinner, and they couldn’t resist to buy this Kougelhof (Kouglof). This is a special bread from Alsace, a region in France that has a border with Germany. They have a lot of typical food and i’d like to try them all. For example, the recipe of the Chinois that you can find on my blog is also from this region. They have a strong identity, and i really like regions like that, Brittany is like this too.

Well, i wake up this morning to take a picture of this Kougelhof, but as you can see, someone didn’t wait for me to taste it. ;p. I had never tried any before that i can remember. This is a bum with almonds, dried grapes and puffy cream. As for my, the bum was great, not too dry (i always choke with bum and rice and couscous because i eat too quickly. I can’t help it, if it’s good, i eat quickly so that i can be the first one to serve myself again and i can have more *=* that’s my strategy!). However, there were not enough grapes and almonds in the bum and i barely felt the puffy cream that was in the middle. So i was a little disappointed. But i’m a total stranger to Kougelhof so i don’t know if there should have more cream or dried fruits…
So i still prefer their croissants & pains au chocolat.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

J’ai demandé à mes parents d’aller à Des gâteaux & du Pain pour acheter le pain pour le diner, et ils n’ont pas résisté à la tentation d’acheter un Kougelhof (et le même pain que la dernière fois d’ailleurs, alors qu’il y en a plein de différents). Le Kougelhof est une spécialité alsacienne. J’aime les régions avec une forte identité, comme l’Alsace et la Bretagne, parce que souvent elles ont des particularités culinaires qu’elles seules savent faire et qu’il est difficile de trouver ailleurs. Le Chinois, dont vous pouvez trouver la recette sur le blog, est aussi de cette région.

Donc, je me suis levée ce matin pour prendre en photo le fameux Kougelhof avant que quelqu’un ne le commence, mais j’ai pu voir qu’on ne m’avais pas attendu pour l’entamer. D’aussi loin que je m’en souvienne, je n’en avais  jamais mangé.
Il s’agit d’une brioche avec des amandes, des raisins secs et de la crème pâtissière au centre. J’ai trouvé la brioche bonne, sucrée comme il faut, pas trop sèche, je ne me suis pas étouffée contrairement à mon habitude (je suis une professionnelle de la stratégie ” je-mange-vite-pour-me-resservir-plus-vite-et-en-avoir-plus”, mais je m’étouffe avec les brioches le riz et le couscous en général). Par contre, j’ai trouvé qu’il manquait de raisins secs dans la brioche et on sentait à peine la crème pâtissière au centre. Après, vu que je ne connais pas le produit réellement, je ne peux pas juger.
Un peu déçue donc, je reste sur leurs pains au chocolat et croissants.

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