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Pear and Caramel Dome

17 Aug

A thin layer of caramel cream, a pear mousse, some poached pears, a little crispy with the pralin and nuts, all this on top of an orange soft biscuit. That’s exactly what is in this dome. I have to say that i love its shape, like Saturna.

They gave me this pastry for free and actually i wouldn’t have tried it if they didn’t give it to me. It wasn’t appealing, but i was really surprised by it, and actually i think this is their best entremet.

Last but not least pastry before going back to the country of Pastries!

Tarte aux fruits

15 Mar

I tried a fruit tart. It looked like my grand-mother’s apple cake but with pears, so i wanted to try it, but i was quite disappointed with the taste. We can barely taste the pears because the almond powder is too strong. So it’s more like an almond powder tart. The dough with the almond is quite heavy too and there’s too much syrup for me on the tart. Bad choice at Lalos this time.

Red Pear

7 Oct

Little red pear, sweet and nice.

The green Pear: Goyava

22 Sep

Another fruit. Again. I’ve got a serious problem. My budget for fruit is quite important. Indeed, each time i go to the grocery, i buy around 7 fruits, telling myself that i’ll eat one fruit a day. However, just arrived in my room i’m already drooling thinking about which fruit i’m gonna try. So it never last more than 3 days…

Anyway, i tried this one, which looks pretty much like a pear and taste quite the same. I think though that it wasn’t mature, because it taste like a non-mature pear: hard, not sweet, and without a lot of taste. Not that good. So maybe i will have to try another one. But that’s after i’ve tried everything. I talked with other people and learned it was Goyava. So far the persimmon is still my first.

Lebanon Pineapple Cake

1 Jul

I remember, a few years ago, i went once to my Lebanon friend’s house, and her mother had baked a delicious and fresh cake for us. I remember i ate more than half of the cake alone (for 6/8 people) and that was really the first time of my life that i sick because of eating too much! But it was awesome and i asked my friend the recipe. However i never managed to make exactly the same, maybe that’s because it tasted better when you eat with your friends…Anyway, here it is!

Lebanon Pinapple Cake

– 8 soup spoons of flour
– 7 soup spoons of sugar
– 1 tea spoon of vanilla sugar
– 1 sachet of chimical yeast
– 7 eggs

the inside:
– 40cl of liquid cream
– 1 pinapple can (you use pear too)
– 4 soup spoons of ice sugar

Preheat at 150°C your oven.
Beat the eggs and the vanilla sugar until refined, add the sugar and the yeast, mix. Then add the flour by sifting it. Mix. Let it cook (i don’t remember the time, maybe 15mn? Anyway, check often ^^”). After cooking it, put it aside to cool down. Cut in 2 pieces horizontally.
Add the fruits syrup that is in the can.

The inside:
Make a chantilly: mix the cold liquid cream with ice sugar until it becomes stiff. Spread your chantilly on one side of the cake, add the pinapple, the put the other part of the biscuit, spead it again of chantilly and add pinapple.
Put in the fridge at least 2 hours.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Je me souviens, il y a quelques années j’étais allée chez mon amie Libanaise et sa mère nous avait préparé un délicieux gâteau frais. J’avais mangé plus de la moitié du gâteau à moi toute seule (pour 6/8 personnes), et ça a été ma première crise de foie! Mais c’était tellement bon que j’ai demandé la recette. Malheureusement, je n’ai jamais réussi à retrouver le même goût exactement. Peut-être parce que le goût est différent quand on mange avec des amis… En tout cas, voici la recette!

Gâteau Libanais à l’ananas

– 7 oeufs
– 8 cuillères à soupe de farine
– 7 cuillères à soupe de sucre
– 7 cuillère à café de sucre vanillé
– 1 sachet de levure chimique

– 40cl de crème liquide
– une conserve d’ananas
– 4 cuillères à soupe de sucre glace

Préchauffer le four à 150°C.
Battre les œufs et le sucre jusqu’à blanchissement. Ajouter le sucre, la levure et mélanger. Verser en tamisant la farine, mélanger.
Cuire (je ne me souviens plus du temps….vérifier en tout cas^^”).
Laisser refroidir le gâteau et couper horizontalement en 2.
Arroser le gâteau avec le jus d’ananas de la conserve.

Faire une chantilly: battre la crème liquide froide et le sucre glace. Tartiner une face du gâteau, mettre des tranches d’ananas, recouvrir de la seconde partie du gâteau et faire de même.
Mettre au frigo au moins 2 heures.

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