Crepe – NCCU

23 Oct

I was disappointed by French crepes in the Taiwanese way, but the Taiwanese crepes are a way better in fact. I chose one with veggies and beef (in fact it was beef ham). The waffle is crispy and huge!! And the filling is like a big salad. What’s strange is that i didn’t see her put any oil on her pan. However the dough is a lot thicker and it easily takes 6/7 minutes to be cooked, because she only cook one side of the crepe.

In the end: good and not as unhealthy as French ones…


2 Responses to “Crepe – NCCU”

  1. OORAMINA 23 October 2011 at 16 h 52 min #

    A quoi correspondent les nombres sur le tableau ? Est ce que ce sont les prix , 10, 15 ou 20 Twd pour une crêpe ?

    • 小敖 24 October 2011 at 5 h 47 min #

      oui ce sont les prix, mais là c’est pour les crêpes sucrées, les salées c’est entre 55 et 70 TWD

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