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Melon Bread

30 Jun

One bread that i found strange at first (and that is not a bread but a bun) is this melon bread. It looks to me like a pineapple, don’t ask me why, so melon was really a weird name for me. The surface is basically made with butter. I’m not really fond of this one because their bun are usually really fat, but dry and the same time, i mean they don’t have the real butter flavor. But you can find this one in every bakeries in Taiwan, it’s a classic.

Eating Cactus…

20 May

I don’t know how many westerners can say they have ever tried to eat cactus, but my friends and i did. It’s a delicacy of Penghu island. You don’t eat the whole thing, don’t worry, but only the part that will turn into a flower. In Chinese it’s called 仙人掌 (xianrenzhang). You can have several desserts with this cactus fruit.

I tried the ice-cream, the granita and the pie. My favorite goes for the ice-cream, even though it would have been even better if the taste was a little stronger. Then the cactus pie was also nice but a little too jelly-like (it’s nearly like a mochi). Finally the granita was tasteless.

Macau delicacy: Egg Tart

14 Jan

If you tell me Macau, i’ll reply Egg Tart. So when i went there, i had to try one. However i was quite disapointed. Maybe i didn’t try the right shop, which is the most likely thing. A way too heavy and fat to be nice. I don’t know about the real from Portugal, but this one was like eating butter. Not much flavor.

Bull Horn Croissant

24 Oct

I’m not gonna talk about the next pear as some people might say ;p, but about the special bread of Sanshia: the Bull Horn Croissant. So what is it? Basically, it has the shape of a real and plain croissant, except that the extremities are a little more curved. That’s for the shape.

As for the taste, well, forget about croissant. It’s more like a bun. I tried 4 Bull horns croissants (2 melons because i was disappointed by the first one, one chocolate and one plain + i tasted pineapple, strawberry, tea and red bean) and my favorite are the melon ones.

What’s great is that you have a lot of flavors: chocolate bread, melon bread, pineapple bread, tea bread, coffee bread, plain, and other with filling: chocolate, red bean, green bean, strawberry… Everyone can find its favorite.

I like the crispy thing on the top, but the bun in itself isn’t really special and quite heavy compared to a croissant that is flaky and “ventilated”.

In fact, the more i get to know about Taiwanese pastries, the more i tend to think that they have a lot of great ideas for their desserts. However they are behind concerning the taste compared to French ones -according to me- (except for pineapple cake, suncake and shaved ice :d).

Seaweed Peanuts

18 Oct

What could be our appetizers. But don’t let those little peanuts in my hands, because i’ll finish everything. I love it. I think that’s my favorite appetizer of all time. Salty but not too much thanks to the seaweed, you have the peanut flavor, and at the same time it’s crispy. Oh gosh, i really wanna eat them. I finished the whole bottle in one afternoon, and i only saw them on Green Island. I think that’s also a special dish from the area, but that’s too bad because i’ll never go there again… I’ll miss them like hell….

Taitung Buddha’s hair fruit Biscuit

18 Oct

A long name, but i don’t know how it’s called. I just know that’s a specialty of Taitung, because there are a lot of Buddha’s hair fruit. As this is one of my favorite fruit, i had to buy the biscuit, which i thought would be like a pineaplle cake, but with Buddha’s hair. I was quite right. Of course, the biscuit is less dry than the pineapple cake and less crumbly, but still you can find this filling paste that you also have in the pineapple cake. This is quite good, even though i don’t think that it tastes like the fruit at all. I think i’ll buy them again if i return in the area.

Hualien cakes

17 Oct

Here are some typical cakes or biscuits from Hualien. Unfortunately i couldn’t buy fresh mochi, so i bought this. They are filled with Taro (some kind of sweet potato). I prefered the red one to the green one. I could have been really great if it wasn’t too sweet.

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