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New Hama – Teppanyaki

9 May

I was invited to New Hama, a Japanese restaurant in Zhongxiao Dunhua area.

The restaurant is located in the basement, but it’s really large and a little classy but in the Chinese way i would say. As an appetizer, we had some raw veggies with sauce, and a some pumkin soup, really creamy. You can choose between a pumpkin and an onion soup. The garlic butter bread given with it was horrible though. I think i’ve never tasted a bread as bad as this. Too dry, tasteless. However it was the only bad thing of the diner.

Then we had some fish with fried onions. The fish was really good and at the perfect temperature, warm but not hot, and the veggies were not too greezy as they often are, which usually make them tasteless. Here they were cooked but a little and not in a liquid. 

Then we had scallops (I think it was, i didn’t recognize the word in English) and a mushroom. The scallops were also nicely cooked, but they had a really different taste, softer than usual. I prefered these one.
Then a salad, you can choose your sauce. If I want to be picky, i would say tha again, that’s not a real salad, but i totally gave up on eating a proper salad in Taiwan. That’s just not possible.

And the main dish, Australian steak. Sooooo good! I miss meat so much here, and this one was delicious! I mean, teppanyaki is a really good way to cook meat, but this one was really really good. With yellow wasabi, soy sauce and onions, that was to kill for.

If you can, go there. But that’s not cheap: the minimum is 2,400NTD.

Also, I tried a new product. You like whisky, tea and don’t like having a headache the next morning after drinking?
Then you should like Onore King, which is a brand that produces a whisky based on tea (but ou actually don’t feel the tea) and with which you can’t have headache the next day, even though you drank a bottle. It’s pretty strong, but it’s quite good.

NCCU – Another Japanese Restaurant

12 Apr

Japanese restaurants are the most popular ones around NCCU, or at least you have a lot. This time we tried a new one. It’s nice because you have a lot of choice concerning sushi and maki including vegetarian rolls, californian and philadelphia ones. You can also have a Don if you really don’t like fish and want something hot.

I chose a menu, with 5 suhi and 6 maki and one handroll. The sushi and maki are ok, the fish is a little too hot i think. I prefer it when the fish is still a little bit fresh, and even though you can’t cut it with your tongue, it’s still some really soft one, which i like. The nori however is a little too chewy to be really fresh. I have to say that i prefer this one to the one in Taipei 101 though.

Hi Sushi

20 Mar

Today, i went to a sushi bar with my friends. I only picked 2 dishes because i wanted to keep some stapce for the dessert (yeah again but i was -again- depressed and since it was also linked to the day before…). This is nice if you want affordable sushi with good value for money. The two i had were nice, if not awesome. I know that a lot of exchange students go there. My friends recommanded me the tuna which was great because it’s half cooked. I also tried the 2 maki on the right, with dried pork, eggs and salad. They were average.

Depending the sushi you pick, you can have ones from 40NTD to 150NTD.

Taipei 101 B1/ Shopping Mall near Eslite where you have the bus station B1

Another Japanese Restaurant – NCCU

11 Dec

Another one, another kind of Japanese. I prefer this one: cheaper and hot food which is perfect with the current weather. It doesn’t propose expensive food with bad quality, you have a big bowl and a cheap price= perfect for students.

On the right from the Main gate, a little further, in the second part of the street

Japanese Hokkaido Milk Bread

2 Dec

Talking about bread, i’ve always wented to try the Japanese Milk Bread. I’ve seen this bread on many blogs, and i was wondering how it tasted like. Well, that’s only a mix between a plain loaf and a bun. Maybe it’s softer, but the taste is pretty much the same. Or maybe that’s not a good enough bakery, i don’t know. But i was quite disappointed.


2 Dec

For me, Alone= let’s try some restaurants that i spotted which look nice and more expensive than 200TWD. So i went to SYS Memorial, the area that seem the nicest for restaurants so far. I had seen a nice Japanese one, and since i wanted to eat raw fish, that was perfect. A lot of people go to eat sushi in crowded places or in food courts, but i think that to appreciate food you need to be in a calm environment, not with too much noise and too crowded. And it’s even more important when it comes to the simplest food, like sushi and sashimi. Otherwise you can’t really concentrate on the dish and really taste the difference. That’s only my point of view, but that’s why i haven’t tried any sushi in Taiwan so far. As it’s already more expensive than average, i’d rather go once and to a place of my taste. I know i’m picky.

So anyway, i went there. First, they don’t have any menu outside and even inside, you just ask for the fish in front of you and the cook do it for you (like a Teppanyaki but with fish). So when i entered i was quite hesitating to really eat there (no menu means expensive usually). But when i asked for the price, i understood 150 TWD. So i thought it was awesome and not expensive at all. But that was my mistake, actually it was 1,500 TWD. (Hum, i really need to improve my Chinese…)

Anyway, they give you tea in a nice cup, ginger, green onion, white radish, soy sauce and wasabi. Then you ask for the fish you want, or since i didn’t know what i liked, the cook prepares several fishes. I had squid, tuna, really small and white raw shrimps, eel (really good), shell, and some other fishes. They were just awesome. I prefered soft fishes, and i just didn’t use my teeth at all to eat them. The tongue was enough to cut them. Just delicious. So far this is the best raw fish of my life.Then i had some seaseed, an egg soup (that’s quite weird), some soy beans, and as desserts, another tea with a green passion fruit and a red bean paste, which was quite nice.

The cook i had was the chef, and he was really nice. We chatted all the time, and he corrected me on the way to eat sushi, with which sauce i should eat which sushi. He also made magic tricks with my watch, his money, and to give me his card. We talked about Taiwan, the differences between Taiwan and France. The waitress were also really nice, one was my age and we exchanged our facebook, so i’ll see if something will go out of it.
From what i’ve seen, the customers are mainly regulars.

I loved their tea cup, so i asked them where they had bought it, and they gave me because they said it was made in Japan and nowaday the company doesn’t produce them anymore. So for the price, i had a free teacup, magic tricks, cutting raw fish demonstration, how-to-eat sushi lesson, someone to talk with, and my meal. I don’t know why but i always find it’s really fun to go alone to the restaurant (not all the time, but sometimes yeah), you can talk with different people there and learn a lot of things.

Nice restaurant anyway.

MRT: SYS Memorial

Japanese Restaurant – NCCU

9 Nov

Not really that good. Ok, but too expensive i think for what it has to offer. The fish isn’t that great and it’s not like a real Japanese Restaurant (at least compared to what i’ve tried in Japan)

MOS Burger – Rice Burger

22 Sep

I finally tried the rice burger, famous in Asia but that we don’t have in Europe unfortunately. So i went to the most famous fast-food around here (Mc Do excluded), MOS Burger, the Japanese chain to have this burger.

Just for my personal data, i looked at the kcal before on the website to compare with a big mac for example. The one i chose was the less fat one (excepting the vegetarian one, but only mushrooms…not my piece of cake) which is only 305kcal, so if you compare with a 500kcal Big Mac, that’s quite low. The other rice burgers are around 500kcal too, so i guess that rice instead of bun doesn’t change anything.

My chose a japanese burger, with beef meat like in Sukiyaki (which i loooove~). And the meat was delicious! I really liked it, and with the lettuce and the salad it was quite good and you feel full, not like after a Mc Do meal. So yeah, i prefer MOS Burger so far, rice hamburgers rock! I want one in France!

Again, the service is in 2 parts here: you first pay, get a number, go to your seat, and a waiter bring the burgers. Quite cool, you only have to wait for the -long- queue when it’s lunch time.

Japanese Restaurant – NCCU

20 Sep

We’ve tried a Japanese (i guess according to the name of the dishes) restaurant near NCCU. You can easily find it, it’s just after Mc Donald and they also sell lunch boxes.

One went for chicken and soy sauce, the other one for chicken and rice soup, and i went for the pork donbastu or something like that. What is great is that they give you a lot of vegetables, and you paid around 70TWD (1,75euro for this). Of course the veggies are not fresh, but that’s already awesome to have so many when you know that one fruit is more expensive that the whole meal. And that’s good, so why ask for more?
With this, they also give you free-refill cold tea and a broth that wasn’t bad.

I recommand the chiken rice soup, which is hot but really delicious and you’re totally full after it. My pork was also really good with spicies but without being too spicy.

Nearest MRT: Taipei Zoo

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