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Lunch at Sweet Tea

31 Jul

I had tried the pastries only, I went there for lunch. I’m really fed up with Taiwanese and Chinese food now, and my dream would be to eat a real good steak/lamb or even better: a tartare and not meat in small pieces. Well, i wanted something nice and healthy, and i picked a salmon salad.

Croutons, fresh salmon, parmesan, parsley, salad, cherry tomatoes and a sauce. The salmon was the best i’ve ever had, so tasty. I’m not a huge fan of this kind of sauce with salads, but the ingredients inside were really good so it conterbalanced it. Just the price was the hardest thing to digest: 540NTD.

As a dessert, i chose the homemade ice-creams. You can choose whatever you want and the topping you want. One scoop is 90 NTD and the topping is 20NTD for each, except the homemade chantilly which is 40NTD. I chose coffee and hazelnut ice-cream, the chantilly, meringue and roasted hazelnuts.

The hazelnut was nice but my fav was of course the coffee one. A real and strong coffee flavor. Just maybe it was a little too liquid. The meringue was crispy just nicely but a little too sweet after the coffee (but that’s my fault for not picking the right topping). However, i really had a problem with the hazelnuts. They tasted like flowers and i don’t like them. And it doesn’t look like hazelnuts at all to me. So either way they gave me flowers and not hazelnuts, or they really gave me hazelnuts but i’m so stupid i can’t recognize them and they are roasted in a special way. But this one was not good to me. As for the chantilly, the vanilla flavor was nice but i would have prefered a little heavier one so that it would not melt too quickly and disapear.

Japanese Restaurant – NCCU

9 Nov

Not really that good. Ok, but too expensive i think for what it has to offer. The fish isn’t that great and it’s not like a real Japanese Restaurant (at least compared to what i’ve tried in Japan)

Yakuniku – Hualien

18 Oct

From the left to the right:

Spicy omelette with cabbage, peanuts and small fried fishes, clams, oysters, pineapple beef, bamboo, fried mushrooms, spicy mango tofu, pork, and fried fish.

My favorite goes for the pineapple beef, because of the sauce. The bamboo were quite good too, but the mushrooms were quite tasteless, so they didn’t bring anything here. The spicy mango tofu was a way too spicy for me (and in fact, only 2 out of the 11 people were able to eat it). Clams were ok, but again, you have a lot on the table and nearly nothing to eat since they’re often empty. Peanuts and small fishes were also quite great.

Quite expensive, but if you share with everyone, you have for about 250 TND per person. However, it’s worth it.

Halibut & its little veggies without any fat

22 Jul

Since i baked a lot of cakes, i needed to prepare a light main dish without fat for the family. So here goes a recipe i created!

Ingredients (3 people):
– 3 halibaut fillet
– 1 green lemon
– 1 lemon
– ginger
– sea salt
– salt & pepper
– basilica
– parsel
– 3 carrots
– 1 tomatoe
– 1 red pepper
– 2 zucchinis

In a plate, put your fish fillet, add the juice of the lemon, the zests of the green one, sea salt, ginger, basilica, parsel, and let it marinate for 1 hour at least in your fridge.
Cut your vegies in small pieces (don’t peel the zucchini and throw the inside of the tomatoe, it’d make too much juice). Steam. When it’s cooked, put your veggies in a plate, add pepper, and put your fish on the top. Pour their juice on the veggies and cook in your oven 10/15mn to 200°C.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Comme j’avais fait pas mal de gâteaux dans la journée, il fallait un repas léger le soir. Voici donc une recette sans matière grasse que j’ai tenté d’inventer.

Ingrédients (3 personnes):
– 3 filets de flétan
– 2 courgettes
– 3 carottes
– 1 tomate
– 1 poivron
– gingembre
– persil
– basilic
– 1 citron vert
– 1 citron
– gros sel
– sel & poivre

Dans une assiette creuse, mettre vos filets, le jus du citron jaune, les zeste du citron vert, du gingembre et du gros sel, ainsi que le persil et le basilic. Laisser mariner au moins 1 heure au frigo.
Couper vos légumes en cubes, (laisser la peau des courgettes et enlever l’intérieur de la tomate qui ferait trop de jus), et les cuire à la vapeur.
Verser les légumes cuits dans un plat, mettre les poissons par-dessus, verser le jus des poissons sur les légumes. Enfourner 10/15mn à 200°C.

Autre infos: le flétan se cuit très bien au four avec seulemen

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