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Macau delicacy: Egg Tart

14 Jan

If you tell me Macau, i’ll reply Egg Tart. So when i went there, i had to try one. However i was quite disapointed. Maybe i didn’t try the right shop, which is the most likely thing. A way too heavy and fat to be nice. I don’t know about the real from Portugal, but this one was like eating butter. Not much flavor.

Tea egg

9 Nov

You can find them in 7/11. I wanted to try because it looks kinda scary i think. A dark egg all cracked…

In fact, it’s pretty much the same. A little too dry for the egg yolk, but the white was nearly the same (i barely taste a difference).

Taiwanese Breakfast: Rice ball

23 Oct

I think i’ve nearly tried everything now concerning the typical taiwanese breakfast (except pastries and plain sandwiches). So this one is a rice ball filled with watherver you want again: cheese, vegetables, bacon, eggs… It’s nice too, but i prefer the Shaobing.

Taiwanese breakfast: Shaobing

23 Oct

Another breakfast: Shaobing. Basically, it’s like a sandwich with a sesame bread (i think it’s with several layers like a puffy pastry), filled with whatever you want. I chose vegetables and egg here. It’s quite good and i love this bread, just like last time. I’d rather eat it alone but i don’t know if that’s possible.

The Left Hand restaurant – NCCU

18 Oct

I had already talked about this restaurant, but now i have the video. Unfortunately for me, the day i filmed, the cook was slow compare to last time (well there were far less people too), but still, he’s doing quite well.

Cep Omelette or the art of cooking an Omelette

10 Aug

This is an easy recipe if you have so many ceps that you don’t know how to cook them anymore. I just watched a video about how to make a great omelette. Yeah, that may sound stupid, because an omelette is really easy to make, but in fact there’re a lot of tips that will help you to make a really great omelette.

Ingredients for 3 people:
– 6 eggs to room temperature
– 20g of butter to room temperature
– ceps as you want
– 1 garlic in pieces
– parsley
–  chive
– oil
– salt & pepper
(- if you have: goose fat)

In a frying pan, cook your ceps in small pieces the Sarlat ways: goose fat/oil, cook your mushrooms 5 mn, add the parley, the garlic, the chive and cook again 10mn.Add salt/pepper if needed.

Heat another your frying pan with a really small heat because the pan will heat uniformly, and then your omelette will have a nice color everywhere and be be burned of too cooked.

Break your eggs by knocing on a table and not on your container (or the shell would get in your egg and you would have some pieces, and you don’t want that). Mix your eggs using a spatula and not a whisk because air would go in your eggs and dry them.
Add your butter in small pieces in your eggs to hydrate them.

Soak a kitchen paper with oil that you spread on your frying pan then put your eggs. Mix a little and wait 3mn, add salt and pepper if needed, then pour your ceps on half of the omelette and fold your omelette to cover your ceps.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Voici une petite recette rapide si vous avez des cèpes à ne plus savoir quoi en faire. J’ai regardé une vidéo sur comment faire une omelette, et donc je voulais essayer. Oui, rigolez, faire une omelette c’est super facile, faire en faire une uniformément dorée d’une belle couleur et un peu baveuse, allez-y, est-ce que vous connaissez toutes les astuces, hein??

Ingrédients pour 3:
– 6 oeufs à température ambiante
– 20g de beurre à température ambiante
– cèpes coupés en petits morceaux mais pas trop car ils réduisent à la cuisson
– persil en morceaux
– ciboulette en morceaux
– ail en morceaux
– huile
– poivre & sel
– et si vous avez: graisse d’oie

Dans une poêle, cuire vos champignons à la sarladaise (graisse d’oie/ huile, rajouter les champignons, attendez 5mn que ça cuise un peu, rajouter l’ail, le persil, la ciboulette) et continuer environ 10mn. Ajouter sel et poivre.

Faire chauffer à feux très doux une autre poêle.

Casser les œufs sur le plan de travail, pas sur le récipient, car la coquille à tendance à rentrer quand un tape sur le rebord, ce qui fait qu’il reste des bouts de coquilles. Mélanger vos œufs à la spatule et non au fouet, car au fouet, l’air rentre dans les œufs et les assèche.
Rajouter le beurre en petits morceaux.
Une fois la poêle uniformément chauffée, tremper votre sopalin dans de l’huile et étaler sur le fond de la poêle, ce qui permettra à l’omelette d’avoir une seule couleur unique et non pas des endroits trop cuits et d’autres pas assez.

Verser vos oeufs battus, mélanger quelques secondes au milieu pour bien étaler la préparation et attendre 3 mn qu’elle soit baveuse. Verser vos champignons sur une moitié de votre omelette, et la plier en deux de façon à recouvrir vos cèpes. C’est prêt!!



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