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花生包和芝麻包 – Peanut bun and Sesame bun

11 Jul

My 2 favorite steamed bread. Sweet, not salty, of course since i’m a sweet tooth. The peanut ones is crushed peanuts, a little bit sweet like peanut butter but you can really feel the peanuts under your teeth. I like it because it contrasts the blandness of the bread and also the soft/crispy texture is really nice. The second one is the sesame steamed bread. Less crispy and sweet, you can still feel the small seeds under your teeth, and the black and white color is also very nice.

Fresh peanuts

14 Jan

It’s quite difficult to find fresh peanuts in France, but here in winter you can easily find them warm in fruit shops. It’s a little like a bean (les poids du cassoulets) and soft and the taste is really different. I prefer the dry one though.

Taiwanese Breakfast: the cheating crêpe

31 Oct

I was cheated!!!!!! It hurts. Really.

I thought it was a crepe filled with salad, corns and tomatoes, (i asked if it was like the salad that was just next to it and the woman said it was pretty much the same).

I started to eat, and then…WTF?!

It was a crêpes filled with soy, SUGAR, PEANUTS and CROUTONS.

Where did they see that you put sugar with salad?! And with Peanuts? And eat croutons with sugar and crêpes?! It’s driving me crazy to see sugar everywhere…

Seaweed Peanuts

18 Oct

What could be our appetizers. But don’t let those little peanuts in my hands, because i’ll finish everything. I love it. I think that’s my favorite appetizer of all time. Salty but not too much thanks to the seaweed, you have the peanut flavor, and at the same time it’s crispy. Oh gosh, i really wanna eat them. I finished the whole bottle in one afternoon, and i only saw them on Green Island. I think that’s also a special dish from the area, but that’s too bad because i’ll never go there again… I’ll miss them like hell….

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