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Arroz con leche

13 Aug

Arroz con leche or Rice Pudding or Riz au Lait, is a dessert that actually exists in a lot of countries. One of my Colombian friend gave me her recipe. The way you decide to use condensed milk and all the ingredients de pends of your taste, it you like sweeter, more liquid rice…

– round rice
– 1 tablespoon of sugar
– milk
– water
– half a can of condensed milk
– one pinch of salt
– cinnamon
– raisin

Put the rice into water anfter washing it and add the sugar, stir a bit and wait for the night for it to rise.
The next day, cook the rice into its water. Once the main water disapearred, add the milk, the cinnamon and stir again until it’s thick. Then add the condensed milk, the raisins and the salt. Wait again the rice is soaked with the milk, and serve.

THE Mango Sticky rice…

26 Feb

Mango Sticky rice. I think i could die because my stomac would explose after eating too much of it. In the end, i nearly had one everyday, and i had to buy one in the Airport just before leaving Thaïland because i would miss it too much otherwise.

It’s one of the simpliest receipe ever: mango, sticky rice and coconut milk. Sometimes the most basics things are the better.In  Thaïland, you find it in plastic bags most of the time, on the markets. In Laos, it was in restaurants. But my favorite were the one from Laos, while it’s supposed to be from Thaïland…

But not all Mango Sticky rice are good. Some don’t have enough coconut milk or aren’t sweet enough, so it ends up being not really not. I think i’ll try it with vanilla sugar back home to give even more flavor.

The receipe? Here it is, but if i were you, i would add more coconut milk. I also add here vanilla sugar but i haven’t tried the receipe so far. I think this one needs some improvements, but i’ll try to modify it when i will have a proper kitchen.

– 1 ripe mango
– 2 cups of sticky rice soaked overnight
– half a cup of coconut milk
– 4 table spoons of sugar
(- 1 table spoon of vanilla sugar)
– half a tea spoon of salt
– 1 tea spoon of rice flour
– 1 table spoon of fried mung bean

Steam the sticky rice around 10mn and remove it to the mixing bowl. Heat up the coconut milk and then add sugar and salt. Still until it dissolves.
Add 3/4 of the coconut milk in the mixing bowl with the sticky rice land stir well with a lid, then cover with a lid. Let the rice absorb the coconut milk for 15 mn.

Cook the remaining milk with rice flour and stir again until it dissolves.
Tranfer your rice in the plates, cut your peeled mango and top the whole with the coconut milk that you previously cooked. You can use the fried mung beans to give a little crispy.

I prefer to eat it when it’s still warm, but you can also wait if you prefer.

Hot Wine

25 Dec

Another friends’recipe

– 4 apples
– 1 bottle of wine (our was Taiwanese wine= only sweet nearly no alchool)
– 4 spices (i used the Imperial mix with cinnamon and other spicies)
– 1 Lemon

Peal the apples, put the spicies into the wine, add the apples, mix a little, and add some drops of lemon. Heat the whole and take it out of the fire just before it starts to boil. Serve and drink immediately.


25 Dec

This isn’t my recipe but one of my friends. It’s simple and really nice!

– Chocolate
– Plain Cereales

Melt the chocolate, put cereals in it and then make some small piles of the mix. Wait long enough for the chocolate to harden.

Brown Sugar Cake

16 Dec

A Taiwanese dessert recipe

Ingredients for 4:
– 60g of cake flower (flour if you don’t have)
– 12g of Potato starch
– 60g of molasses
– sugar
– 30g of oil
– 2 eggs
– 3g of soda powder
– sesame

Put soda powder in 10g of water. Mix the cake flower and the potato starch, add molasses, sugar (as you want but we put around 2 spoons and i think it was enough as there’re the molasses), oil and the 2 eggs while mixing.  Pull the soda powder, mix again, and put everything into your mold. Put two glass of water into your cooker pan and your mold. I guess bain marie is ok if you cover both ustensils, because it’s supposed to cook with the steam water. It takes around 30mn. Use the knife to see if it’s cooked. Add sesame.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dessert Taiwanais: Gâteau au sucre roux

Ingrédients pour 4 personnes:
– 60 g de farine
– 12g de Maïzena
– 60g de mélasses (ou sirop d’érable si vous ne trouvez pas, mais le résultat sera nettement moins bon)
– 30g d’huile
– 2 oeufs
– sucre (selon ses désirs, mais 2 cuillères à soupe sont suffisantes pour moi, vu qu’il y a déjà la mélasse)
– 10g d’eau
– 3g de poudre de bicarbonate
– sésame

Verser la poudre de bicarbonate dans 10g d’eau. Mélanger la farine et la maïzena, rajouter la mélasse, le sucre, l’huile et les œufs tout en mélangeant, rajouter la poudre e bicarbonate. Verser dans votre moule, et mettre le moule dans le cooker avec 2 verres d’eau. Peut-être que la technique du bain-marie pourrait marcher si on couvre aussi le récipient contenant l’eau bouillante (à tester). Laisser couvert environ 30mn. On peut utiliser le couteau pour vérifier la cuisson. Sortir du cooker, rajouter des graines de sésame.

Microwaves: Apple-Banana Compote

1 Nov

When you don’t have an oven, that you only have a knife and a micro-wave as tools to cook, you start to think really simply. I can’t even up the egg whites, so what dessert can i possibly do?

And then you start to think. And then, what kind of easy desserts does my family do? Answer: Compote!

No sugar, only fruits to change from here, and can’t be more simple. So i here is the easy recipe:

– 4 bananas
– 6 apples (small ones or 4 normal ones)
– spices (i found something with called Imperial spices with cinnamon, anise, cumin, clove, spicy seasoning) i think you can use if for gingerbread too, maybe i’ll try during winter.

Pealed and cut your apples in small pieces, do the same with your bananas, add the spicies as you like and put 10 minutes in the micro-waves. Then mix a little, and put around 8 minutes again in the micro waves. Ready to eat!

You can have it hot or cold, as you prefer.

Flan Parisien sans pâte

27 Aug

Michalak again, and what to do with your eggyolks. Notice that the size of the mold is quite important, otherwise it will be too thin.

Ingredients for 4 people:
– 500g of milk
– 120g of sugar
– 50g of cornflour
– 12,5 cl of fat whipping cream

Boil the cream and the milk. Aside, mixe the sugar, the egg yolks and the cornflour. Add the boiled milk and put on the fire again for 30s while whipping. Poor in a big plate and cover the cream to the contact with plasic wrap (it has to touch the cream). Wait until it totally cools down. Then whip again and put in your 18cmx4cm mold. Prehead to 180°C and cook for about 35mn until you see dark marks on it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Encore et toujours Michalak et que faire avec ses restes de jaune d’oeuf. A noter que la taille du moule est importante, sinon il est trop fin (comme dans mon cas).

Ingrédients pour 4 personnes:
– 500g de lait
– 120g de sucre semoule
– 5 jaunes d’oeufs
– 50g de Maizena
– 12,5 cl de crème liquide (entière dans mon cas)

Bouillir le lait et la crème. A côté, mélanger les oeufs, le sucre et la maïzena. Verser le lait bouillant dessus en remuant et remettre sur le feu 30 secondes, toujours en remuant. Verser dans un grand plat et couvrir au contact avec film film plastique jusqu’au refroidissement complet. Fouetter à nouveau la crème et verser dans un moule beurré et fariné de 18cm de diamètre et 4 cm de haut. Préchauffer le four à 180°C et cuire 35/40mn le temps de voir des taches noires sur le dessus. Refroidir sur une grille (attention le flan tombe très facilement du moule ^^”).

Croissants de Lune

23 Jul

Some biscuits i baked to finish my almond powder (yeah i had a lot of almonds). It tastes like Arab pastries, while it comes from East of France (Alsace again?). It’s called Mandelhernele/ croissants de lune (= Moon croissants). Well, i think it’s because of the orange that it has this taste. I used candied orange peels instead of the actual zests of an orange.
I took the recipe from Cakes in the city (nice pics by the way).

Ingredients for about 40 Croissants de Lune:
– 200g of almond powder
– 200g of sugar
– candied orange peels
– 3 eggs
– water
– almonds ( you can choose flaked almonds like i did or minced, like the real recipe)

Mix your almond powder, your candied orange peels, and the sugar. Add one by one the white eggs while mixing.
Preheat your oven to 180°C.
Prepare your greaseproof paper, make small balls with your pastry, cover with egg yolks and roll them in flaked almonds/minced almonds and give them the shape of a croissant. Put on your greaseproof paper.
Cook them for about 10 mn, wait for them to cool down before moving.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

D’autres biscuits cuisinés en même temps que les autres, pour finir ma poudre d’amandes (oui j’en avais beaucoup). Ils ont un gout de pâtisseries orientales, même s’ils sont originaires de l’Est de la France (l’Alsace encore?). Cela vient peut-être du fait que j’ai utilisé des écorces d’oranges confites à la place des zestes d’une orange.
J’ai pris la recette du blog Cakes in the city (qui a de belles photos en passant).

Ingrédients pour 40 croissants de Lune:
– 200g de poudre d’amandes
– 200g de sucre
– 3 oeufs
– eau
– amandes effilées/ hachées
– écorces d’oranges confites

Mélanger la poudre d’amande, les écorces d’oranges, le sucre. Ajouter les blancs d’œufs un à un en mélangeant.
Préchauffer le four à 180°C, le papier sulfurisé.
Faire des petites boules de pâte, les couvrir de jaune d’œuf et les rouler dans les amandes effilées. Leur donner la forme de croissants de lune et poser sur votre papier sulfurisé.
Cuire 10mn environ et attendre avant de les décoller du papier.

Green Lemon Shortbreads

22 Jul

To continue with green lemon~ You can keep them 2 weeks. I took the recipe from Mercotte (what would i do without her ^^).

Ingredients (~40 biscuits):
– 170g butter
– 120g of ice sugar (40g + 80g)
– 2 green lemons
– 1 vanilla sugar
– 250g of flour
– 2 soup spoons of cornstach
– sea salt

Wait for your butter to be at room temperature and then mix it with 40g of ice sugar until you get a cream. Then add your 2 green lemon zests, the lemon juice and the vanilla sugar. While miking, sift progressively the flour and cornstach, add the sea salt.

Make 2 sausages with your pastry with the diameter you want for your biscuits ( between 3/5cm), roll them in shrink-wrap and put 15mn in your freezer.
Preheat your oven to 180°C.
Cut slices, and put on greaseproof paper.
Cook them for about 13mn, let tehm cool down 10mn, and in a plastic bag, pour your 80g of ice sugar left, your biscuit and shake it!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pour continuer sur le citron vert (je deviens une addict du citron). Pratique pour les voyages, ils se conservent 2 semaines. J’ai trouvé la recette sur Mercotte (qu’est-ce que je ferais sans elle).

Ingrédients pour 40 biscuits:
 – 170g de beurre 
– 120g de sucre glace (40+80)
– 2 citrons verts
– 1 sachet de sucre vanillé
– 250g de farine
– 2 cuillères à soupe de maïzena
– gros sel

Attendre que le beurre soit à température ambiante et le mélanger au robot (la feuille, pas le batteur) avec le sucre glace jusqu’à obtenir une sorte de crème. Ajouter le zeste des citrons leur jus. Progressivement pendant que le robot continue de tourner lentement, ajouter la farine et la maïzena tamisée et le gros sel.
Faire 2 boudins du diamètre souhaité pour les boudins (3/5cm), les rouler dans un film plastique, et direction le congélateur pour 15mn.
Faire préchauffer le four à 180°C.
Couper en tranches et mettre sur du papier sulfurisé.
Cuire 13mn, attendre qu’ils refroidissent un peu 10mn, et dans un sac plastique, mettre les 80g de sucre glace restant, les biscuits, et secouer!

The Rubbish Muffin

22 Jul

Why do i call it like that? Haha that’s quite simple, i put all my leftovers inside! I just tried to use green & yellow lemon, praline, almond powder and candied orange peels. I know that i didn’t follow the pastry technics and it might look awful for those who know how to bake, but since i don’t know any technic and still that’s my familly favorite between the 5 cakes i baked, i don’t really care. Well, here is the recipe of my Rubbish Muffin!
What i like (and also dislike) about american cakes, it is that you can nearly put anything inside and mix, and you’ll have something edible. Just like cupcakes and muffins, you use the same pastry as you base, and everything is alright. However, that’s often quite heavy and still the same pastry, so it would be kind of boring to always bake muffins or cupcakes or donoughts (only mix, not even a pastry technic… except for decoration).

Ingredients (10 muffins):
– 80g almond powder
– 1 green lemon
– 1 lemon
– sea salt
– 1 cottage cheese yogourt
– 3 yogourts of flour
– 2 yogourts of sugar
– 1 vanilla sugar
– 1 chemical yeast
– 1/2 yogourt of oil
– praline
– candied orange peels
– butter
– 3 eggs

Pour your cottage cheese in a bowl, add the green lemon zests, the yellow one juice & a half of the green one, sea salt. Then add sugar, vanilla sugar, flour, eggs, oil and the yeast, in this order and mix between each. Add your candied orange peels, leave some for decoration.
Butter your mold (just a wee bit, i didn’t do it but it was ok if you use a knife). Put some almond powder at the bottom (not really uselful but well, it was a way to use it, 2/3 of your preparation, some praline, and cover the last 1/3 with your preparation. Put one candied orange peel on the top. 
Or you can just mix your praline with your almond powder and your preparation, but it’ll be a way heavier.
Preheat your oven to 180°C and cook it for about 25/30mn.

The Rubbish muffins are ready~

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pourquoi le Rubbish Muffin (muffin déchet)  me demanderez-vous? Parce que j’y ai mis tous mes restes. Comme je pars en vacances et qu’il me restait des ingrédients dans le placard, il fallait bien les finir, surtout que je suis la seule à utiliser ceux-ci. Il me fallait donc une recette avec de la poudre d’amande, du pralin, un citron vert, un jaune, et des écorces d’oranges confites. Et comme je n’ai jamais fait de muffins, je me suis dit que ça ne devait être trop compliqué à faire.
Ce qui est pratique (mais aussi ennuyant) dans les gâteaux américains genre cupcakes et muffins, c’est que c’est un peu la même base de pâte tout le temps, vous pouvez y mettre ce que vous voulez dedans ensuite. Enfin, c’est comme ça que je le vois. Mais souvent ce sont des desserts assez lourds et pas drôle à faire (juste mélanger quoi, sans bain-marie, durée de cuisson précise…).

Je sais aussi que je ne connais pas les techniques de pâtisserie (je ne sais même pas utiliser une poche à douille, la honte) donc la recette va être un peu catastrophique pour ceux qui savent cuisiner je pense. Mais bon, ça se mange, c’est ce qui compte.

Ingrédients pour 10 muffins:
– 1 yaourt de fromage blanc
– 2 yaourts de sucre
– 3 yaourts de farine
– 1 sachet de sucre vanillé
– 1 sachet de levure chimique
– 1/2 yaourt d’huile
– beurre
– 1 citron vert
– 1 citron
– gros sel
– 3 oeufs
– écorce d’orange confite
– pralin (1 sachet)
– 80g de poudre d’amande

Verser le yaourt blanc dans un bol, rajouter les zestes du citron vert, la moitié de son jus et le jus du citron jaune entier. Ajouter le gros sel. Verser le sucre, le sucre vanillé, la farine, les oeufs,  l’huile, la levure dans cet ordre et remuer entre chaque.
Mettre des morceaux d’orange confite, en garder pour la déco.
Beurrez vos moules si nécessaire, verser de la poudre d’amande au fond (pas trop utile, je l’accorde, mais il fallait bien l’utiliser, ça donne quand même un petit gout et c’est plus tendre), 2/3 de la préparation, une couche de pralin et 1/3 de la préparation et rajouter une écorce dessus.
Préchauffer le four à 180°C et cuire 25/30mn.
Autre alternative, vous mélangez tout (poudre d’amande, pralin et préparation), mais c’est plus dense.

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