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Arroz con leche

13 Aug

Arroz con leche or Rice Pudding or Riz au Lait, is a dessert that actually exists in a lot of countries. One of my Colombian friend gave me her recipe. The way you decide to use condensed milk and all the ingredients de pends of your taste, it you like sweeter, more liquid rice…

– round rice
– 1 tablespoon of sugar
– milk
– water
– half a can of condensed milk
– one pinch of salt
– cinnamon
– raisin

Put the rice into water anfter washing it and add the sugar, stir a bit and wait for the night for it to rise.
The next day, cook the rice into its water. Once the main water disapearred, add the milk, the cinnamon and stir again until it’s thick. Then add the condensed milk, the raisins and the salt. Wait again the rice is soaked with the milk, and serve.

Rice in banana leaf

20 May

A xiaochi i tried for lunch. It’s rice filled with pork here, and the all is in a banana leaf. Lucky me, there were ants in mine. It’s quite heavy and oily and the meat was only fat. Not really good, but it can be good, i just need to find the right place to buy it.

Western rice soup

24 Mar

Maybe Taiwan has started to influence me, because i eat rice everyday nowadays, in my soup. Rice soup is often eaten when you’re sick or for breakfast, but I prepare my own for diner. I don’t really like the Asian version because I find it too bland, so I use the same principle to make a different one. It’s simple and convenient for students, you just need the micro-waves and 8mn!

– 1 asian instant soup of your choice (they’re creamier than the western soup and don’t have the ame flavors)
– 3 table soups of rice
–  Tofu, mushrooms….whatever you want
– Spices if you want: I use curry if it can go with the instant soup

 Put your rice, soup powder and all the other things you want to add in you soup. Add enough water to cover everything, mix and put 8mn in the micro-waves. Ready!

You can put whatever you want in your soup, so it’s always different.

THE Mango Sticky rice…

26 Feb

Mango Sticky rice. I think i could die because my stomac would explose after eating too much of it. In the end, i nearly had one everyday, and i had to buy one in the Airport just before leaving Thaïland because i would miss it too much otherwise.

It’s one of the simpliest receipe ever: mango, sticky rice and coconut milk. Sometimes the most basics things are the better.In  Thaïland, you find it in plastic bags most of the time, on the markets. In Laos, it was in restaurants. But my favorite were the one from Laos, while it’s supposed to be from Thaïland…

But not all Mango Sticky rice are good. Some don’t have enough coconut milk or aren’t sweet enough, so it ends up being not really not. I think i’ll try it with vanilla sugar back home to give even more flavor.

The receipe? Here it is, but if i were you, i would add more coconut milk. I also add here vanilla sugar but i haven’t tried the receipe so far. I think this one needs some improvements, but i’ll try to modify it when i will have a proper kitchen.

– 1 ripe mango
– 2 cups of sticky rice soaked overnight
– half a cup of coconut milk
– 4 table spoons of sugar
(- 1 table spoon of vanilla sugar)
– half a tea spoon of salt
– 1 tea spoon of rice flour
– 1 table spoon of fried mung bean

Steam the sticky rice around 10mn and remove it to the mixing bowl. Heat up the coconut milk and then add sugar and salt. Still until it dissolves.
Add 3/4 of the coconut milk in the mixing bowl with the sticky rice land stir well with a lid, then cover with a lid. Let the rice absorb the coconut milk for 15 mn.

Cook the remaining milk with rice flour and stir again until it dissolves.
Tranfer your rice in the plates, cut your peeled mango and top the whole with the coconut milk that you previously cooked. You can use the fried mung beans to give a little crispy.

I prefer to eat it when it’s still warm, but you can also wait if you prefer.

Taiwanese Breakfast: Rice ball

23 Oct

I think i’ve nearly tried everything now concerning the typical taiwanese breakfast (except pastries and plain sandwiches). So this one is a rice ball filled with watherver you want again: cheese, vegetables, bacon, eggs… It’s nice too, but i prefer the Shaobing.

The Left Hand restaurant – NCCU

18 Oct

I had already talked about this restaurant, but now i have the video. Unfortunately for me, the day i filmed, the cook was slow compare to last time (well there were far less people too), but still, he’s doing quite well.

Taiwanese breakfast: Congee

17 Oct

Another typical Taiwanese breakfast this morning, congee, or a rice soup with mushrooms, corn, green oignon, youtiao. That’s hot, spicy (pepper i guess), and you really feel like you’re a child eating your porridge. This one wasn’t really good i guess, too compact, but i think that’s not that bad compared to some other things. I’ll try another shop if i can, but that’s the only one near NCCU selling those things…

Rice and Noodles take-away – NCCU

7 Oct

I found my new take-away place. The cook is just amazing. Just  looking at him is already a show. He uses a wok and never stops, even when he put fire so high that the flame is taller than him. His dexterity is really impressive. I must take a video next time.I stand in front of him for more than 15mn waiting for my food, but i didn’t get bored at all watching him.

This place is in the small street near NCCU, so foreign students don’t seem to go there often. However it’s really cheap (i had this for 50 TWD) and that’s delicious.

In the small street on the right side of the main gate

Meat balls & Saffron rice

20 Jul

Here was my deal: I had to cook button mushrooms without their taste or in a way that they would not appear like mushrooms because my father doesn’t like them, and my mother wanted to eat starchy & meat… I was wondering what kind of dish i could prepare with those requirements when i saw on facebook that a friend had a couscous a few days ago. It made me think about meat balls, and then idian (yeah i don’t see the link myself neither…).

So i tried to make some meat ball with button mushroom that would go with saffron rice… Ok, i totally made-up this recipe of meat balls so i don’t really know if that’s great, but my parents finished it so i guess it’s edible.

Meat balls:
– 500g of chopped steak
– 500g of button mushrooms
– 1 big onion
– parsley
– cumin
– red hot pepper
– coriander seeds about 7, you can’t really smell them so more if you like it
– salt & pepper
– 5cl milk
– 2 slices of sandwich loaf
– 2 eggs
– oil
– butter
– flour

Cut your mushrooms in small pieces, cook them with some oil in your frying pan. Let them cool down.
Chop your onion in small pieces. Blend.
Soak your sandwich loaf in milk and put with the onion and mushrooms. Mix this with the meat, add the 2 eggs, salt, pepper, coriander, parsley, red hot pepper, cumin as you like, and mix. Adjust if needed.
I’m sorry i don’t know how much you should put, but i always taste everything to see if it’stasty enough so my proportions are haphazard…(yeah it’s bad).
Make some balls with your hands, roll them in flour and fry them in your frying pan with butter for about 15 mn (it depends your balls).

Saffron rice:
I found the recipe here on dadadelices, i changed a very few things because the recipe is already amazing:
– 45g of butter
– 1 soup spoon of oil
– 1 onion
– 1 tea spoon of sumin
– 1,5 tea spoon of salt
– 1/2 tea spoon of saffron
– 1,5 glass of rice

Melt your butter and oil in a pan, add the cut onion, stir. When it starts changing colors, add the cumin and saffron, wait 30s, then add the washed rice, stir for 2mn and pour 3cm of water, then cover for 15mn.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Voici mon problème: je devais cuisiner des champignons de Paris de façon à ce qu’ils n’en n’aient pas le goût ou la forme vu que mon père ne les aime pas trop, et ma mère voulait des féculents et de la viande. Autant dire que je n’étais pas très inspirée, mais j’ai vue qu’une de mes amies sur facebook avait mangé un couscous il n’y a pas longtemps, et ça m’a fait penser à des boulettes de viande, et ensuite, à de l’indien (ne me demandez pas le lien, je ne le vois pas non plus).

Donc voici une recette inventée e ce qui concerne les boulettes de viande. Hum, je ne sais pas ce que ça donne, mais en tout cas, mes parents l’ont fini donc ça doit être mangeable (après est-ce que c’est par politesse…).

Boulettes de viande:
– 500g de steak haché (steak haché haché pour les intimes ^^)
– 500g de champignons de Paris
– persil
– quelques grains de coriandre
– persil
– sel & poivre
– piment doux
– cumin
– 1 gros oignon
– 5 cl de lait
– 2 tranches de pain de mie
– 2 oeufs
– beurre
– farine

Couper les champignons en petits morceaux, les faire cuire à la poêle avec de l’huile. Les laisser refroidir.
Couper l’oignon, les mixer avec les champignons.
Tremper le pain de mie (sans la croute bien sur) dans le lait, le mélanger à la viande avec les champignons/oignons, les oeufs, le sel, le poivre, le persil, le cumin, la coriandre, le piment. Doser comme bon vous semble, je fais toujours au pif donc je ne connais pas les doses utilisées. En sachant que le riz était au cumin et safran, j’ai aussi accentué cette épice pour les boulettes pour ne pas faire tâche.
Faire des petites boules, rouler dans la farine et cuire environ 15 mn (mais ça dépend plus de la taille de vos boulettes j’ai envie de dire).

Riz au safran:
J’ai trouvé la recette ici sur dadadélices, j’avais déjà fait ce riz et je l’avais adoré.
– 45g de beurre
– 1 cuillère à soupe d’huile
– 1 cuillère à soupe de cumin
– 1 dosette de safran
– 2 cuillères de sel
– 1,5 verre de riz
– 1 oignon

Faire fondre le beurre et l’huile dans une casserole, rajouter l’oignon en remuant jusqu’à ce qu’il change de couleur. Ensuite, rajouter le safran et le cumin, remuer 30s.
Verser le riz et le sel, attendre 2 mn que le riz s’imprègne des épices, et rajouter 3 cm d’eau. Couvrir et faire cuire 15mn.

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