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18 Nov

What i like about Taiwan is that concerning food they have a lot of creativity. Sometimes it can lack in taste, but at least they have a lot of ideas. This for example, an ice-cream between two cookies. Simple. Yet i haven’t seen it anywhere in France.You can choose 2 cookies of your choice between around 10 differnet, and the flavor of your ice-cream.

They cookies are ok, but too soft to be really good. I mean cookies need to be crispy, those one are soft but nice in taste (and i just checked, it’s written soft cookies on their flyers, so that’s really it)…Ice cream, not that good.

In the end? Ok if you just want something sweet, not a very refined dessert. Like you would take a ice-cream from Mc Do, which is not bad once in a while.

Shida Night Market
MRT: Taipei Mainpower Building

Indian Palace – Taipei 101 Food court

13 Nov

I tried this one. The curry is nice, but the rice is so so. The soup is ok too. Anyway it was 135 WD, and compared to the other restaurants in the food court, it’s cheap. So if you want some change, go for it.

Café Chin Chin

23 Oct

I think i have found my coffee shop. I still have to go there another time to try their salads and tea time cakes which look amazing, but i really liked their Caramel Macchiato with Latte Art. What’s more you can seat outside but still be hidden from the street, and the staff is nice. The only problem is that it’s quite expensive: 140 TWD for one e, even if it’s a big one, that’s not cheap compared to the 35 TWD of the Americano from Mc Donald.  And you also need to go there. But anyway, it was nice and i’ll come back again for sure.

Café Chin Chin
MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing

The Left Hand restaurant – NCCU

18 Oct

I had already talked about this restaurant, but now i have the video. Unfortunately for me, the day i filmed, the cook was slow compare to last time (well there were far less people too), but still, he’s doing quite well.

Risotto Restaurant – Shilin

7 Oct

A must not go restaurant.

First, the bread: taiwanese bread, and quite dry.

Second duck and pesto pasta…Where the hell did they see that pesto is like a cream? And it didn’t taste like pesto at all. My pasta were in this juicy green thing that was barely ok. I was soo disappointed to think that such an easy thing as pesto pasta can be screw up like that.And duck? Oh yeah, there was duck actually, those 2 ridiculous small pieces that they dare call “duck”.

Third: they say it’s an italian restaurant, but they don’t even have water. You can’t find anything that’s not sweet, even their tea is sweet. I chose a yogourt that tasted and looked like a medicine.

I really don’t recommand this one.

In front of the exit shilin night market
MRT Shilin

Noodle Soup – NCCU

7 Oct

I asked one of my teacher if she knew some good noodle restaurant around the campus, and she gave me this one.

I chose a simple one. It’s really hot so if you’re not used to, don’t buy it during summer. It’s a little bit spicy, but not too much, and i loved it. The soup is great, and the noodles too. It’s a little bit more expensive than the usual for the neighbourhood, but it’s worthing it i guess.

At the end of the street on the right when you are at the main gate
It’s written on a green board.

Shaved Ice…finally…

1 Oct

It’s been a while since i wanted to go to Shilin night market. Not for shopping, but for food of course. It’s supposed to be the best night market on this subject. I’ve heard about Oyster omelettes, Stinky Tofu and Shaved Ice. Unfortunately for me, i couldn’t taste the 2 first ones, but i bothered so much the people wandering with me about the Shaved Ice, that we went there. And i did right, because everyone liked it in the end.

So, what’s special about this ice cream? It’s made of milk, and it is exactly like coconut. They grate it so it really look like snow. They add fruits with it or chocolate, peanut, red beans… depending on what you want. However, you can also have simple shaved ice with different taste than milk and no fruits. It’s quite big so you can share: we had 2 ice creams for 5 and it was ok.

The restaurant we went is one of the most famous of the market, you have to wait to get your seat, and once you’ve finished eating, they quickly quick you out to let other sit down. It’s near the teather. Unfortunately, i can’t read the name in Chinese.

I couldn’t find any dessert that i really liked here, well, i’ve finally found it. But that’s for summer, i need to find one for winter, now…

Shilin Market

On the right side of the teather near the MRT exit

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