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NCCU – Pomodoro

4 Jul

The italian restaurant around the campus. I’ve heard their pizza were really good, so i took one The dough has too much flour on it and is not cooked well enough, same for the veggies. I had a vegetarian pizza, but there were only a few vegetables, cooked in the Taiwanese style. I didn’t really like it. If i have to go for a pizza in Taipei, i would still go to Maryjane.

NCCU- Mita

14 Jun

A new bakery/restaurant opened last week around the campus (in only 3 weeks, the whole building was renovated, and opened. That’s what we call efficiency!).

We went there with a friend to try around 11:30am, because, as it’s new, you have a huuuuuuuuge crow in front of the restaurant, and you need to wait at the very least half an hour. Yeah, Taiwanese people are crazy about restaurants. Some of my Taiwanese friends told me that in some places, you need to make reservation one month before. You cannot find restaurants like that in Paris, so that’s really impressive.

Anyway, the food. We ‘upgrated’ our menu, to have an onion soup, a salad, a drink and a dessert for only 85NTD. The onion soup is more like a beef broth. Not really good. The salad is so small that you can wonder if they put a whole lettuce leaf in it. And it’s not a fresh lettuce, as usual. The main dish… I asked for a risotto, which was more a creamy rice than a risotto. They used a long rice instead of the round one, but the sauce was ok, and you had some veggies. Not a risotto, but it’s nice compared to the surrounding. Concerning dessert, they didn’t have any crème brûlée anymore, so we chose the milk pudding (weird thing,indeed). It’s like a white vanilla pudding. Not amazing, but i have tried worse dessert here.

As for the bakery, i tried there a lobster sandwich: more like a sauce that looks like lobster.

Bunny Listens to the music – 兔子聽音樂

2 May

I wanted to try this restaurant since i arrived, now it’s thing done. It’s an italian restaurant, with risotto and pasta, but you can also have australian beef and some nice fishes.

I chose the Pan-fried snapper with leek and apple kala mansi sauce. What i like there is that for 220 NTD more, you have a soup, a salad, a dessert and tea/coffee offered. The tomatoe salmon soup wastypically an asian version of western soup, with cabbage and carrots. I’m not really fond of seafood soup, so i would have prefered it without the salmon or the seafod broth.

The service is pretty quick and customers are served at the same time (normal in Europe, but definetely not here), which is quite nice.
The salad had the “asian dressing”. I think that they use a different vinegar, that’s why.

My main dish was really nice. However the cauliflower was not cooked enough (between raw and cooked), as well as the broccoli. The purée was nice, not too sticky, but the potatoes would have been more crashed, it would have been even better. The sauce and fish were really nice though, with salt and pepper, just well cooked. I also loved it because it’s well presented, you don’t have too much, the perfect size, and it’s healthy. As for the dessert, they got it from La boîte de bijou, the one i’ve already been. Actually Bunny Listens to the music is the “salty” version of Boite de bijou.I picked a mapple syrop mousse and mascarpone cream dessert, which was pretty nice but not as good as sweet tea. The white chocolate on the top was too sweet. The mapple syrop flavor was nice, but i think there was too much mascarpone cream. Otherwise the insert was nice, just like the biscuit.

Count around 480NTD for the main dish, and add 220ND if you want a soup, salad and desert with a drink.


25 Apr

I had never been there, but i like the principle of using a card to order everything you want in free service and to scan it to pay at the end. I picked a salad and asked for the sauce to be appart, as i’m really not fond of the sauce in Taiwan (always sweet). I prefered mixing olive oil and balsamic on my own. The salad isn’t fresh though.

As for the dessert, i picked a Tiramisu with was awkwardly with alcool. The coffee flavor was nearly non-existant. Definetely not a good one.

But you have an amazing view and the restaurant in nice too, so for the environment i recommand it, but this is more an American style italian restaurant than an Italian restaurant. If it goes for chain restaurants like these, i really prefer Pizza Del Arte for the food.

Maryjane Pizza

31 Mar

In Shida area, you have a lot of small restaurants, and we decided to go there to eat a pizza. The restaurant is nice, with modern and colorful paintings on the walls, and a wide window let the light enters. You have quite a lot of choices in term of pizza, from vegetarian to meat-lover ones, cream or tomatoe sauce…

I picked the spinach, ricotta and caramelized onions pizza. The dough was thin and crispy the spinach was good. Overall, it’s one of the best pizza i’ve ever eaten so far, the bad point is that there wasn’t enough ricotta and maybe too much oil. However the size is perfect: not too big so that you don’t feel too heavy, and not too small. I can only recommand this one.

My friends also liked it, and with an unbeatable price range of 180- 250NTD, you can definetely run there.

Risotto Restaurant – Shilin

7 Oct

A must not go restaurant.

First, the bread: taiwanese bread, and quite dry.

Second duck and pesto pasta…Where the hell did they see that pesto is like a cream? And it didn’t taste like pesto at all. My pasta were in this juicy green thing that was barely ok. I was soo disappointed to think that such an easy thing as pesto pasta can be screw up like that.And duck? Oh yeah, there was duck actually, those 2 ridiculous small pieces that they dare call “duck”.

Third: they say it’s an italian restaurant, but they don’t even have water. You can’t find anything that’s not sweet, even their tea is sweet. I chose a yogourt that tasted and looked like a medicine.

I really don’t recommand this one.

In front of the exit shilin night market
MRT Shilin

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