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Lalos 4

30 Nov

Another bread. Yeah, i’ll try them all since i’ve time.

Provence Herb Ciabatta is really nice. You really smell it, and it’s even better with some olive oil on it. One of my favorite with the nut one.

Bacon bread is ok, but that’s not my favorite. There isn’t enough bacon to make it taste the all bread, so it’s a light taste. On the one hand that’s nice if you want to eat it with something else, on the other hand if you eat it alone, the taste isn’t strong enough. I’m not really used to bacon bread anyway, but that’s not my favorite.

American cookies vs French ones

30 Nov

Or which of the Subway cookies or Lalos cookies go the best with hot milk.

Subway cookies have a discount after 9pm, they go from 17TWD to 10TWD. I tried the chocolateone, the raisin one and the caramel one. They’re big and thin, sweet, and melt in the hot milk.
On the other hand, the Lalos ones are smaller and thicker. It’s really different, they’re less sweet, but it didn’t taste like a normal chocolate cookie when i put it in the milk. It didn’t melt neither.

So far i must say that i prefer the Subway ones, they’re cheaper, bigger, and melt in the milk, making it the perfect confort food.


29 Nov

The easiest French recipe ever that reminds me childhood…

Ingredients for 1 person:
– 4 slices of loaf
– butter
– 2 slices of ham (or 4 of Taiwanese ham)
– Grated Emmental

On the first slice of loaf put a little butter, then add your ham on it, and then grated cheese. On the second slice, only use cheese and then put the second slice on the top of the first slice. Make another one (yeah, 2 croque-monsieurs for a person), and cook around 5 minutes in the oven (or what we have and they call an oven). That’s ready! It’s better with some lettuce.

Hot Violet Sweet Potato

26 Nov

That wasn’t mine, but i tried it. It’s really sweet, but also like a potato, so you don’t know if you should put it in the dessert or main dish part. I’m not really fond of it, just like Taro and sweet potato…


26 Nov

I thought it would be like an apple, but it’s a mix between a goyava and an apple. Its name: Jujube in French. Well, you can’t have everything: being quite good, healthy, AND having a nice name. Not possible unfortunately.

Upload: names of the fruits in French

26 Nov

Bon alors, j’avais gouté des fruits sans en  connaitre leur nom, maintenant, terminé, j’ai trouvé un site très pratique où je peux tout avoir.
Donc voici les noms en français des fruits:

Les cheveux de Bouddha: pomme cannelle/atte
Le petit cannelé rouge: pomme d’eau
Noix de coco d’Alan: noix de coco du Chili/coquito
La verte: chinotto (orange amère à feuilles de myrte)
Les goyaves sont en fait des Feijoas.
Les mandarines vertes orangées sont des mandarines de Satsuma

J’ai aussi pu voir dans l’île et les marchés des cédrats main de bouddha, des ramboutans et des Marangs.


24 Nov

First time eating a Grenada. I didn’t know if i had to remove all the seeds inside the red things, but then when i did it, it took me so long, that i just decided to eat them. I mean, nodoby would be insane enough to buy a fruit where you have to remove all the seeds like in Grenada, the product wouldn’t be sold. Nice anyway, and nice colors.

7-eleven: Western Chocolate Cake

24 Nov

When i decide that a day is going to be unhealthy, well, it will really be, so to continue after the cheesecakes, i went to get a chocolate bum from 7-eleven. Not western-like at all, it’s more like a chiffon cake with a thin little chocolate cream in the middle. So far that’s the most chocolated thing i’ve tasted in the area, as here everything “with chocolate” actually means “without chocolate taste”. Light, that’s not bad, i actually prefer it over the chocolate cake i tried in the first bakery.

Mom’s Pie – NCCU delivery

24 Nov

Since today i finished my exam and wasn’t really happy about the Chinese one, i decided that i needed something sweet. And, lucky me, tiday is Thanksgiving day. So the “famous” pie seller around the university that usually only comes on Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 8pm stayed longer today. I was finally able to taste these pies that everyone talk about in the area and that taipei food blogs also know. I was then expecting much about these. I was quite disappointed.

I chose 3 (i’ve been wanting to try them for 3 months now, so of course, i had to try several!): Pinapple coconut cheesecake, coffee cheesecake and strawberry banana pie. I must say that was the first time that i remember eating a cheesecake (i ate once in NYC but i can’t remember the taste, so..). I think that i just don’t like the cake in itself, because both cheesecake weren’t that good. I mean, it’s easy, you can’t really taste the fruit or coffee flavors and i don’t really enjoy this texture that’s creamy but heavy and too much cheese flavor. That’s the cake in itself that i don’t like, so i can’t really judge it, since that’s also my first time eating one.

However the strawberry banana pie was ok. Not exceptional though. I will not travel around the city to get one, and i don’t think i’ll buy another neither. I ate 3 and i was still hungry as if i hadn’t eaten anything! It’s still too “American like” dessert, which are usually not my cup of tea, except a few sweets. 

Mom’s Pie
75 Neihu Road, Section 2
Neihu District

In front of Kuma
Tuesday, Thursday
3pm to 8pm

Lalos 3

23 Nov

Another try!

I wanted to try some other breads, but i usually want to eat special bread with a specific dish. Olive ciabatta had to go with Olive oil Tomato-Mozzarella dish. I can’t easily find ciabatta in bakeries in France so i don’t know much about this bread. It’s quite soft, but delicious with olive oil.

The nut bread had to go with goat cheese. The outside is crispy as it should be, and you have a nice flavor of nuts. I loved it. It’s better than the honey bread. I’m really glad to have found this bakery.

The marbré cake was a little too heavy for me. It’s better to buy it slice by slice, it’s lighter and less dry. Not the best cake ever. Lalos is definetely for bread and not desserts.

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