The Frog

I’m a 20 years-old French girl living in Paris. I started to get interested in everything that deals with food last year so now i’m trying to cook and taste various bakeries, pastries and restaurants. I prefer desserts so most of the time you’ll find pastries and desserts recipes.
My péchés mignons are Coffee or Salted Butter Caramel (from Des gâteaux & du Pain) Religieuses & the “Infiniment vanille” tart (from Pierre Hermé) concerning desserts.
As for salted food, i love my grandma’s foie gras, foie gras ice-cream (in fact, everything with foie gras), food from Périgord (confit duck, truffles, Sarladaises potatoes…), and pasta.

Since September 2011 and for a year, i’m living in Taipei for my studies. I try some restaurants and food there and make reviews. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to cook on the campus since we don’t have any cooking materials, so i can’t upload any recipes, except some really basic ones that you can cook with a micro-waves.

The blog

Actually this blog is one section of my main blog, “A frog in Taipei” that tells about my adventures in Taipei. I decided to create this section because not everyone is interested by food and my friends could get bored if i publish all those articles on the main page. Furthermore, i can write about French food for now and continue it even after i finish my year abroad. That’s why it is easier this way.

By the way, you surely noticed that i make a lot of mistakes. I’m sorry, i’m not fluent in English, but i want to share with everyone my reviews and the recipes that i can find, because sometimes i’m myself bothered by the fact that i don’t understand a recipe of a typical dish because of the language. So writing both in English and French is easier for everyone. But i’m sorry for my mistakes in English.

One Response to “About”

  1. 柯海星 18 November 2011 at 3 h 56 min #

    Wow, your blog is awesome! And I really want to eat some of the stuff you posted right now x) probably visit some of your recommended places! Have fun in Taipei, dear! LOVE

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