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Fried mozzarella sticks

1 Aug

I’m not a big fan of American food in general to put it midly, but well I wanted to try something new and I decided to go to Juicy Bun again. They changed their location and are now more like an American pub, with a new menu. I noticed some Fried Mozzarella sticks so here it goes! Crispy on the outside, with herbs, garlic and melting inside. Unhealthy like hell. That’s ok but not amazing, and considering its unhealthiness, i can live without it, just like French fries.

The Diner

10 Jul

I wanted to try this restaurant for ages, and since this morning I went hiking and it was still 9am when i came back to Xinyi, i decided to have my breakfast there. I picked pancakes, because the hot weather reminded Thailand, and for me, Thailand+ breakfast means pancakes (maybe weird, this that’s like this). So i chose the season fruit pancakes and a banana yogourt drink (Thailand all the way).

I didn’t expect it, but it was huge! 3 pancakes, the size on an omelette, some whipped butter, a lot of fruits (that i loved it) and some syrup. The syrup cup was pretty small, and i only found out in the end that you could refill it, but anyway, it was nice. The only thing is that pancakes are heavy so maybe it would be better to choose fruits that make juice to make it easier to eat. I had to force myself to finish it and actually this made my br-un-er. So maybe reduce the size to 2 pancakes would also be cool for a breakfast.It’s not that cheap, it cost me 440NTD for the drink and the pancakes, but it’s like the average price in the area.

Anyway, a nice adress for breakfast, in a nice environment, with music. I realy liked it. They also serve French toast, omelette, hamburgers, brownies, apple pies, smoothies, juices, coffee and tea, cocktails, american breakfast, potatoes….so you can nearly have whatever you want, except waffles.

The Diner
ATT4Fun 1F, next to Starbucks
9am in the morning (everything is closed in the area otherwise)
Xinyi District


20 May

I was invited to this steakhouse which was pretty hard to find actually since it’s in the basement of a company building. What was funny is that if you say that’s your birthday, you can get a free dessert, so we saw not less than 3 birthday during the evening. Outside that, we chose the smallest meat piece (for diet they said), a 6oz steak which was already huge, like twice as big as what you usually get in a French restaurant.The room is pretty big and tried to be classy however the outfits of the waiters and cook ruin the all so it turns out to be a comical and quirky place.

The corn weren’t that good, too creamy, same for the spinach. Actually it was more cream with spinach than spinach with cream. The purée was good and handmade. The steak a little too hard and with too many nerves. Expensive and not that good compared to the meat from the Teppanyaki i tried last time. Fortunately we had a good wine, a Bordeaux Supérieur Lafite Monteil that we finished before the meat arrived.

105 Songren Rd.
Xinyi, Taipei


NCCU- Juicy Bun

25 Apr

The bread is too sweet and not too fresh, but the bacon and steak were nice. WHat i liked too is that you can decide wether to put the onion and tomatoes in your burger. The french fries were ok, but not amazing. And it’s sooo huge! I had some trouble to finish it, which is quite nice because it’s pretty cheap and you have a lot to eat.

Mom’s Pie – NCCU delivery

24 Nov

Since today i finished my exam and wasn’t really happy about the Chinese one, i decided that i needed something sweet. And, lucky me, tiday is Thanksgiving day. So the “famous” pie seller around the university that usually only comes on Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 8pm stayed longer today. I was finally able to taste these pies that everyone talk about in the area and that taipei food blogs also know. I was then expecting much about these. I was quite disappointed.

I chose 3 (i’ve been wanting to try them for 3 months now, so of course, i had to try several!): Pinapple coconut cheesecake, coffee cheesecake and strawberry banana pie. I must say that was the first time that i remember eating a cheesecake (i ate once in NYC but i can’t remember the taste, so..). I think that i just don’t like the cake in itself, because both cheesecake weren’t that good. I mean, it’s easy, you can’t really taste the fruit or coffee flavors and i don’t really enjoy this texture that’s creamy but heavy and too much cheese flavor. That’s the cake in itself that i don’t like, so i can’t really judge it, since that’s also my first time eating one.

However the strawberry banana pie was ok. Not exceptional though. I will not travel around the city to get one, and i don’t think i’ll buy another neither. I ate 3 and i was still hungry as if i hadn’t eaten anything! It’s still too “American like” dessert, which are usually not my cup of tea, except a few sweets. 

Mom’s Pie
75 Neihu Road, Section 2
Neihu District

In front of Kuma
Tuesday, Thursday
3pm to 8pm

Happy Days Diner

26 Jun

Today, one of my friends brought me to an American bar/restaurant to try its milkshake sine it was 30°C. That was my first time going to a “theme” bar. The inside was quite fun, all pink and blue with a jukeboxe, the machine for bubblegum… Like he said, it was to taste the ” Pulpe-Fiction-like” milkshake.
I tried the Oreo onew, while he chose the Vanilla one, his favorite.  I don’t know anything about milkshake (the only one i ever tried was from McDo and Starbucks coffee, shame on me when we know their quality…). But i think it was ok, i liked the fact that we had a little cherry and the chantilly. Otherwise, it’s not very special and the ice-dream that the custumers had seemed heavy. However, i always have a bad impression when it comes to American desserts: heavy, fat, and full of dyes and sugar, without refinement for many of them just like their donoughts, cupcakes, brownies, cookies. It doesn’t mean that once in a while it’s not good, but i’ve seen too many disgusting cakes in the US to be kind of pessimistic when it comes to their desserts. So i’m not the best to judge.^^” And the staff was not really nice, you always seem to bother them.

To summarise, you should go there for the atmosphere, but don’t expect something awesome from the milkshakes. My friend told me they had great burgers, so maybe you should try them.

Happy Days Diner
25 rue Francisque Gay
75006 Paris
open Monday to Thursday: 11:30 am- 12pm
Friday and Saturday: 11:30am-01:00am

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Aujourd’hui, un de mes amis m’a amenée dans un bar américain pour essayer leur milkshake comme il faisait 30°C. C’était la première fois que j’allais dans un bar à thème. L’intérieur était sympa, tout rose et bleu, avec un jukeboxe, les machines à chewing-gum, les vieux sièges…Comme mon ami m’a dit, c’est comme le milkshake de Pulp Fiction.
J’ai tenté celui à l’Oreo, alors que lui a choisi celui à la vanille, son préféré. Je n’y connais rien en milkshake, les seuls que j’ai jamais gouté sont ceux de Mc Do et Starbucks, à ma grande honte quand on connait leur qualité. C’était pas mal, rafraichissant, et j’ai bien aimé le fait d’avoir la cerise confite et la chantilly, mais ce n’était pas extra non plus. J’ai pu voir la glace servie aux clients d’à côté et elle avait l’air assez lourde, avec des brownies, mais j’ai toujours une mauvaise impression quand il s’agot des desserts américains: lourds, gras, sucrés bourrés de colorants, et sans subtilité pour certains comme leur cupcakes, leurs donoughts, leurs brownies et leurs cookies. Cela ne veut pas dire que ce n’est pas bon une fois de temps en temps, mais j’ai vu trop de gâteaux écœurants aux US pour ne pas être pessimiste à leur vue. Je ne suis donc pas la mieux placée pour juger. Je rajouterai que le personnel n’était pas très sympathique, et plutôt renfrogné.

Pour résumer, c’est sympa à voir pour l’ambiance et le restaurant, mais n’attendez-vous pas à quelque chose d’exceptionnel en ce qui concerne la nourriture. Après, mon ami m’a dit que les hamburgers étaient bons. Vous devriez peut-être les essayer.

Happy Days Diner
25 rue Francisque Gay
75006 Paris
ouvert du lundi au jeudi de 11h30 à minuit
samedi et dimanche: 11h30 à 1h

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