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Baobao noodles – NCCU

31 Oct

Benjamin brought me to his favorite noodle restaurant called Baobao (in the small street on the right side from the main gate).

They’re good at dumplings and i tried his favorite dish, with was a spicy seafood noodle soup. And he made me try Pork’s ears (yeah, i tried Pork’s ear and ate cartilage!).
The dumplings were good, i liked them. The soup was really spicy but nice too. Just the noodles really looked like spaghettis, so it was a little bit strange, but it was nice. And well, the pork’s ears…if you don’t try cartilage it’s ok, just like normal meat, but i really don’t like the crispy side of the bones. Benjamin bought the ears so next time it’ll be my treat! My favorite is still the left hand restaurant and the korean one, but this one is good if you want dumplings!

Noodles in Zhongxiao Fuxing

31 Oct

Finding a cheap restaurant in Zhongxiao fuxing is quite difficult i think. You can find a lot of trendy places and western restaurants, but when you don’t want to spend too much on a diner or you’re just hungry enough, it’s quite difficult. However i managed to find a little place selling noodles. The cook was really nice, he gave me some extra food freely (maybe because i was a foreigner). I tried some big noodles that i had never seen before, and they were ok. Howver the fish balls were not really good. And the pickles were nice too. But for 80TWD compared to the 160TWD coffee i had just a street behind, it’s pretty good. 

Bobo Chacha dessert – NCCU

31 Oct

I asked for a light dessert, and then Benjamin told me to try Bobo Chacha dessert, which is a Malaysian dessert. It’s quite strange, made out of sweet potatoes, taro, and i think something like pumpkin (well, the orange color and the same consistency), everything put in coconut milk. Not too sweet and quite light, and not too QQ, so it was actually not bad (maybe i’m starting to get used to soup as desserts?! Can you believe it??).

Taiwanese Breakfast: the cheating crêpe

31 Oct

I was cheated!!!!!! It hurts. Really.

I thought it was a crepe filled with salad, corns and tomatoes, (i asked if it was like the salad that was just next to it and the woman said it was pretty much the same).

I started to eat, and then…WTF?!

It was a crêpes filled with soy, SUGAR, PEANUTS and CROUTONS.

Where did they see that you put sugar with salad?! And with Peanuts? And eat croutons with sugar and crêpes?! It’s driving me crazy to see sugar everywhere…

Dragon Fruit Juice

31 Oct

Good thing here, the juices. A new one: Dragon fruit Juice! Look at this color! Amazing, right? 🙂 And they just mix itin front of you, so that’s real fruits! (But i still don’t understand why buying a fruit juice is still less expensive than buying the actual fruit…).

The 0 kcal dessert

27 Oct

You always dreamed about it? 7-eleven made it true…

What is this dessert. Well, don’t expect too much: Jelly. You have the choice between 4 flavors, and that’s already quite a lot. I thought it was impossible, but it seems not.

How is it? Not as bad as i thought it would be. And it’s quite big, so once finished you’re quite full. That’s nice. However there’s a weird taste in the end, i don’t know what it is…


Coconut Bun

27 Oct

A great disappointement. First the bun is a way too oily and dried.

Secondly the cream: just like american cream: heavy, without taste. I just got the feeling that i’m eating plain cream (then what’s the point of creating vanilla?). As far as i love French whipping cream, i hate american’s one. So this already was a big mistake.
And then, the coconut, dried and without much flavor.
Another thing: the cream amount was ridiculous compared to the bun.

In the end: disliked the cream, bad balance between coconut, cream and bun. I’ll never take this cake again.

Alan’s Coconut

27 Oct

Why Alan’s Coconut?

Alan is a nice man taking care of us at the front desk. He’s known for making delicious coffee (according to the students who tried his coffee, it’s the best ever) and is there during the night and early morning. So i had this coconut in my hands (it looks more like a turnip to me but anyway…) and i wanted to eat it, but the traditional way of beating the coconut with a knife to open it  wasn’t working. I guess it’s because it’s smaller and the cockle isn’t the same. I was only able to drink the juice (delicious by the way).

Desesperated i went at the front desk to ask if there was a way to open it and if there was a special way to eat it. Then Alan took a big stuff that looked like a cork screw (dunno what it was) and started knocking it on the coconut. 1 minute later, it was open and just like a egg, perfect to be eaten with a spoon! So this becomes Alan’s Coconut! Thanks Alan!

Now the fruit: the inside is really thin and all soft compared to an usual coconut. It’s also a little bit pink. I liked it, but really not convenient to eat.

Almond Milk Tea

26 Oct

I’m not into drinks here, since i still think that water and coffee are the best drinks ever and they’re not too sweet like most of the drinks here. 

However, i sometimes like to have Almond Milk Tea (or without the tea it’s even better). You can find it easily, choose if you want it cold or hot, with or without sugar, and that’s super yummy. It’s easy to find a place that sells it, because of the flavor. You can smell almond 500meters around, and i love that.

It’s less popular than Bubble tea, but i prefer it. And now that i saw it and how it works, i can make some at home since it only need almonds!

Taiwanese breakfast: Green onion feuilleté

26 Oct

Small bread filled with green onion. Their “feuilletés” are quite different, with sesamy, but nice. I just would add some salt if possible.The dough is the same as the one used for Shaobing i guess.

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