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Melon Bread

30 Jun

One bread that i found strange at first (and that is not a bread but a bun) is this melon bread. It looks to me like a pineapple, don’t ask me why, so melon was really a weird name for me. The surface is basically made with butter. I’m not really fond of this one because their bun are usually really fat, but dry and the same time, i mean they don’t have the real butter flavor. But you can find this one in every bakeries in Taiwan, it’s a classic.

Coconut Bun

27 Oct

A great disappointement. First the bun is a way too oily and dried.

Secondly the cream: just like american cream: heavy, without taste. I just got the feeling that i’m eating plain cream (then what’s the point of creating vanilla?). As far as i love French whipping cream, i hate american’s one. So this already was a big mistake.
And then, the coconut, dried and without much flavor.
Another thing: the cream amount was ridiculous compared to the bun.

In the end: disliked the cream, bad balance between coconut, cream and bun. I’ll never take this cake again.

Pudding pie

23 Oct

I saw this dessert last time in the 2nd bakery and i found it strange, so i decided to buy it on Thursday (because that’s the only day i can see it. They don’t bake the same things everyday…).

That’s really a big pudding on a melon bun. Quite strange. The pudding isn’t really good and too hot i think. And what’s even stranger is that the caramel layer isn’t a part of the pudding, it’s as if they had added another layer after. The melon bun is the one i had once alone, but i don’t think that the 2 flavors pudding/melon go well together.

The dessert in itself is also too big for a dessert. Not worth taking it again.

Banana cake

20 Oct

A banana cake i tried at the best of the two bakeries near NCCU. A little problem concerning the baking, but this was quite good. Since banana is cheap here (the cheapest fruit actually with clementines), there are a lot of Banana cakes.

Croissant like Bun

7 Oct

I had seen this bun shape in several bakeries here, so i wanted to tried. It has a little bit the shape of a big croissant but one that is still not totally rolled.Since it was quite big compare to their other bum, i thought it would be filled with something.
What a disappointment, it was dry, not fresh at all. The bun wasn’t good, not soft as the other ones. I’ll not take it again.

Chiffon cake

7 Oct

Another attempt at the bakery. Again, it was really smooth, but this bun had the taste of fruits. I don’t know which one, maybe melon, but i’m really not sure. I’m still amazing by their bun and how different they are. Good, but i prefered the other one that i tried before.

Coffee Bun at Baker’s boy

25 Sep

I wanted to try this bun for a week now, but since it’s quite far from the university, i had to wait. So, i tried…and it was disappointing. It didn’t taste like coffe at all.

I bought one that just got out of the oven, so it was really hot and burning, that’s cool. But the inside is empty, there’s only a thin layer of some cream (in fact i don’t konw if this is the bun dough that’s not cooked or a cream). It’s sweet, smells sugar, and that’s all. No coffee taste at all. And i made a 45 minutes trip for this…

貝克男孩 Baker’s Boy
East Shopping Mall
MRT: Zhongxiao Fuxing/Zhongxiao Dunhua

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