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The “red cannelés”

25 Sep

I call this fruit like that because i don’t know its name and from above it looks like a cannelé to me. I asked the seller and he told me that’s a fruit that you can find in Taiwan during the winter mainly. To eat it, it must be read and hard, if it’s soft, it’s too late.

I pelled it and taste it. It’s nothing really great. That’s quite plain. I don’t know how to describe the taste. It has a little bit the socistancy of a wintermelon, but it’s not as sweet.

Persimmon again, but the hard one this time

25 Sep

I thought it was another fruit, but it was a persimmon. So why write a post about it? Because this persimmon isn’t exactly the same as the other one.

This one is twice as big as the small one, and its skin is hard. I mean, you can eat it, but it’s quite hard. And inside, there’re some seeds. Also, it’s less juicy and less sweet.

PS: a little joke for the one who always make it. Hope he’ll recognize himself.

The small white Melon

25 Sep

Another fruit. I thought it would be like a pear, it turns out that it was like a melon. Hum, i should seriously think about improving my survival instict, because if i were alone in a jungle, making mistakes like this could be fatal.

Anyway, the inside is really like a melon, but a small one, and it taste the same: between a melon and a “melon d’hiver”(winter melon?). Refreshing, and what’s great is that you can eat it by yourself since it’s small.

Orange Mango

25 Sep

I usually don’t like mango. So why did i pick it? Because i didn’t know it was a mango. In my supermarket, mango are yellow, red and green, but not orange.

Anyway, i picked it and found out later, while smelling it, that it was a mango. I wasn’t sure that i wanted to try it, but since there’re a lot of things that i like here, i tried…

First, the sweetness. The mango taste isn’t too strong…. The freshness of the fruit… Then the juice (so juicy that i put some on the walls ><“)…OMG!!!!!!! That’s just heavenly good!

I dislike mangos, i love orange mangos. Let’s be specific.

Kiwi Jaune

25 Sep


Yellow kiwi, or the best kiwi i’ve even had. The taste is sweeter but there is a light lemon taste that makes it awesome.

The green Pear: Goyava

22 Sep

Another fruit. Again. I’ve got a serious problem. My budget for fruit is quite important. Indeed, each time i go to the grocery, i buy around 7 fruits, telling myself that i’ll eat one fruit a day. However, just arrived in my room i’m already drooling thinking about which fruit i’m gonna try. So it never last more than 3 days…

Anyway, i tried this one, which looks pretty much like a pear and taste quite the same. I think though that it wasn’t mature, because it taste like a non-mature pear: hard, not sweet, and without a lot of taste. Not that good. So maybe i will have to try another one. But that’s after i’ve tried everything. I talked with other people and learned it was Goyava. So far the persimmon is still my first.

The “Pomme de pin” fruit

21 Sep

Today was another of my “fruit experience” day. I bought something i haven’t seen in my life before. When i first picked it, the seller told me that i couldn’t eat it right away, so i asked for a good one. Now i know how to pick it! But i still don’t know the name of this fruit, so i called it “pomme de pin” (pine cone), because that’s what it looks like (at least to what i can assimilate it with).

To eat it, you have to remove the green things one by one, and then you’re left with some white things where you can find seeds inside. It took me about 30 minutes to eat it. That’s really long, but it’s good. But again, that must not be the right way to eat that because if it is, that’s quite horrible.

This fruit is good, sweet and fresh, i also love it.

I also tried some small bananas that are firmer than the one i usually eat. Quite good too. In fact so far all fruits are awesome.

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