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Idea: revisited Tatin Tart- Big Apple

24 May

Inspired from my mother’s childhood snack with apples and jam in the middle.

A caramelized pastry dough, a roasted apple in caramel and butter and with in the middle vanilla cream/custard. Around the apple there would be some caramel and then the apple is wrapped in the dough. On the top a small meringue. Like a tatin tart: pastry dough, caramelized apples.

Sadaharu Aoki 4

24 Mar

Another round!

Bamboo or the Matcha Tea Opéra.

You first smell the matcha tea and then the chocolate. Well-balanced, you can find all the texture, from the slightly crispy thin chocolate layer to the tea mousse to the tea powder and biscuit. I think this one is one of the best-made pastries i have ever seen and also a really beautiful one.
So what’s the problem?… I don’t like Matcha tea. So i recognize that this is a really nice one, but since i don’t like the flavor in itself, i won’t take it again.

Coffee and walnuts, it’s more famous than the bamboo pastry. However i was quite disappointed by the coffee mousse that was too sweet for me compared to a coffee cream. And i don’t know if it’s me or if it’s really like this but i thought that the coffee tasted like the Taiwanese coffee taste they use in their pastries and bread, which is sweeter and has a strong taste of coffee but doesn’t actually taste like drinking coffee. As for the walnuts, it’s really not convenient to eat the pastry since you can’t cut it because of them. The little biscuits on the top don’t bring anything special. Not really good because of the coffee mousse, but the mixture of coffee and walnuts was nice.

The vanilla-almond diamants. Just loved them, the vanilla flavor was here, it was crispy not too sweet.

Sadaharu Aoki 2

18 Mar

As i was really depressed today so i needed something to cheer me up. So of course, i went to Xinyi area, and of course, i ended up in the basement of Bellavita to look at Sadaharu Aoki’s pastries. At first i wanted a flan or a religieuse, something simple, that you can find everywhere back home, like a  comfort food. But the weather was turning nice, and for me nice weather= refine pastries. And as Sadaharu Aoki had just reopened this week, well, i decided to go for it.

I first picked a strawberry éclair, just because i couldn’t resist its look. Like a love at first sight. You see it, you want it. Even though i’m neither a strawberries lover nor an éclair one. But look at those colors and the little flowers. Can you find something cuter? But anyway. Verdict?
The dough is nice, not too soft, not too hard, which is perfect when you cut it, because the cream doesn’t flow everywhere. The frosting is also nicely done.
However i must say that i’m not really fond of the strawberry cream. Why? Because i find it too sweet first, and because i think it has a chemical taste. It doesn’t really have the real strawberry flavor. It’s ok once you get used to it i guess, but just i wasn’t expecting this. Nice looking but a little disappointing in taste.

Then i went for the mille-feuille, what i originally came for. Vanilla is my chocolate we could say. I’m not a chocolate fan, but i could die for vanilla. The main problem is that i’m often frustrated when it comes to vanilla desserts, because they don’t have enough vanilla flavor (that is except the Infiniment vanille tart from P.Hermé). So how was this vanilla mille-feuille…

the pastry dough was really good. Crispy, with a thin caramel layer, well it’s one of the best i’ve ever had so far. For that, the mille-feuille was worthing it. But again, the vanilla cream is just a little bland compared to the caramelized dough. The good point though, are the crispy pieces on the vanilla cream. So i think even though it’s not the best ever, it’s really good, and surely the best in the city. Go for it if you can.

And finally, the Yuzu-vanilla tart. Everyone in Paris was Yuzu here and there when i left last-year, but i didn’t know what it was exactly except that it was Japanese (not too hard to guess with its name). But just by tasting, you know that’s a citrus.

Now, i was expecting vanilla, because that’s what is written first, but that’s more a yuzu tart. Vanilla is only here to soften the yuzu taste. You nearlycan’t taste anything since the yuzu is quite strong (just like lemon and vanilla:you can forget about the vanilla flavor).
I tried the mousse alone and it’s the same. The flavor isn’t really existing. However the yuzu cream is really good. In fact, it should have been called a Yuzu vanilla tart. Again the name was tricky, the real star of the pastry is the Yuzu, not the vanilla.

If you like Yuzu, go for it, it’s delicious. I really recommand it. I think i’ll try more pastries with Yuzu in the futur to have an alternative with lemon.

Vanilla cream chiffon cake

15 Mar

I tried a fresh cake in one of the bakery near school. It was actually ok since it’s vanilla. The cake in itself is really light compared to the one we usually have in Europe. The cream is also more like a vanilla chantilly.

Eclair Vanille from Pierre Marcolini

3 Mar

Another week, another try. I wanted to try Sadaharu Aoki’s Mille-feuille, but unfortunately his shop is currently closed, so i decided to go to Pierre Marcolini. I picked the “éclair vanille”, since i wanted vanilla. His pastries are a way too expensive and too small. For example, i spotted the tiny lemon pie: 340NTD (8,5€ for half a size of a pie you find in pastry shops in Europe). Anyway, i tried my pastry. The puff of the éclair isn’t right, too soft again, and the cream has a taste of vanilla (not as good as Pierre Hermé’s pie Infiniment vanille but still), but is too heavy (maybe too much eggs?).

Concerning the puff, i think it has to do with Taiwan’s weather which is awful. Humidity is a real problem here, and it must impact the pastries. Even bread for example: after one day, it is totally soft, while back in France, it would be too hard to eat. So i think that it will be difficult to taste a proper puff here, except in a restaurant where it’s really fresh and just made.

Something i like in Taiwan concerning the packaging, is that all the pastries are put in a bag with some ice within the bag so that it’s still cold when you go back home. I think that’s really a nice thing that we should try in France, even though that would be a little more expensive.

Sandwich Ice-cream

14 Dec

Another weird thing invented by Asians, the sandwich ice-cream. The biscuit is salty, and the ice-cream is really creamy with a little of vanilla. Ok but not fantastic.

Café Pouchkine

11 Aug

I went there to celebrate my friend’s birthday. We decided to eat there, as it is also a tearoom. The staff was cold and not friendly at all, except one russian girl, that was lovable. However, when you see the customers, you can -partly- understand them.
It was hard to choose but I went for a Napoléon, while my friend chose a Medevick, and we shared a hot chocolate (because we still have to be -a very little- careful to stay slim).

Vanilla bourbon cream, orange blossom and crispy pancakes

Very good, the vanilla cream is awesome, but that’s a little heavy. I’m usually used to eat 2 pastries, but i had problems to finish this one alone. I liked the orange blossom inside, that made it a little less heavier. But still that’s too much i think. To compare, i think that Pierre Hermé “Infiniment vanille pie” was a way lighter. Maybe it is because of the shape of the cake.

sgouchonka biscuit,
sarrasin honey, cream

I tried a bite and it was really good. It tasted like caramel. It was creamy too, but the caramel taste was really good. However, still as heavy as mine.

The hot chocolate was just soo strange! It was soo creamy that it should have been called chocolate cream instead! But damn it was delicious. Fortunately we only drank one for 2, because it would have been impossible to finish it otherwise. I really recommand it.

In the end, if you want generous pastries with vanilla, go there, but if you’re looking for a light pastry, go to Hugo & Victor which are also in the area.

Café Pouchkine
64 Bd Haussman (rdc Printemps)
75008 Paris

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Je suis allée au Café Pouchkine pour célébrer l’anniversaire d’une amie. J’avais entendu parler de leur chocolat chaud et des desserts à la vanille, et comme ils faisaient aussi salon de thé (enfin plutôt genre comptoir), on en a profité pour manger sur place. J’ai pu prendre rapidement une photo de la vitrine, mais malheureusement les photos étant interdites, celle de nos desserts respectifs ne sont pas de moi.
Le personnel n’est pas accueillant, excepté une serveuse russe très gentille qui nous a servi, mais comme il était de notoriété publique qu’ils ne sont pas aimable, je suis rapidement passée outre (d’un autre côté quand on voit les clients…).
Après avoir difficilement choisi, mon amie a opté pour un Medevick, et moi pour un Napoléon.

crêpes croustillantes, crème vanille bourbon, fleur d’oranger

La vanille est à tomber par terre, le mélange avec la fleur d’oranger vers le bas du gâteau est aussi très bonne, par contre, il est beaucoup trop lourd. J’ai pourtant l’habitude de manger 2 pâtisseries d’un coup, mais là, j’ai eu du mal à finir celle-ci! Cela vient peut-être de la forme du gâteau, qui est gros, mais ça fini par gâcher un peu le gâteau.

biscuit au sgouchonka, miel de sarazzin, crème fraîche

Celui-ci aussi est excellent, mais lourd. Je n’ai gouté qu’une bouchée, mais rien qu’avec ça, on sentait que c’était du dense (mais au regard des ingrédients, je comprend mieux pourquoi maintenant). Le gâteau se rapproche du caramel.

Leur chocolat chaud devrait plutôt s’appeler crème au chocolat, la texture est vraiment épaisse, mais d’une onctuosité! Mais je suis contente que nous n’en ayons pris qu’un pour deux, sinon il aurait été impossible de finir. En tout cas, c’est un vrai chocolat chaud à en tomber à la renverse!

Pour conclure: si vous cherchez des gâteaux vanillés et dense, c’est ici, si vous êtes plutôt dans le genre léger et petite gourmandise, je vous conseille plutôt d’aller chez Hugo & Victor qui sont aussi dans le coin. Ici, c’est les pour les pros de la gourmandise, amateurs, passez votre chemin.

Café Pouchkine
64 Bd Haussman (rdc Printemps)
75008 Paris

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