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The green Pear: Goyava

22 Sep

Another fruit. Again. I’ve got a serious problem. My budget for fruit is quite important. Indeed, each time i go to the grocery, i buy around 7 fruits, telling myself that i’ll eat one fruit a day. However, just arrived in my room i’m already drooling thinking about which fruit i’m gonna try. So it never last more than 3 days…

Anyway, i tried this one, which looks pretty much like a pear and taste quite the same. I think though that it wasn’t mature, because it taste like a non-mature pear: hard, not sweet, and without a lot of taste. Not that good. So maybe i will have to try another one. But that’s after i’ve tried everything. I talked with other people and learned it was Goyava. So far the persimmon is still my first.


Green grapefruit

18 Sep

I tried a new grapefuit that is green, like the green lemon but 20 times bigger. It’s bigger, less bitter than the grapefruits in France. Maybe it’s also a little sweeter but it has thus less taste. However, if you don’t usually like grapefruit you should like this one. Good, but hard to eat!

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