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Chia Te

9 Dec

I asked for the best Taiwanese Bakery, and the people at the I-house gave me this one. At least it’s the most famous, after for the taste, as there’re so many bakeries, it’s quite difficult to judge. Anyway, there were a lot of people there. It’s nearly like a factory!
Because in Taiwan, if you have guests or if you need to offer something to business partners, or just other people, Pineapple cakes are the best thing. So of course you have a lot of people coming.

I tried the Pineapple cake (they have a lot of different ones, but the most famous and typical is the Pineapple one, so!). It was great because it wasn’t too sweet compare with some other i already had, and the dough wasn’t as crumbly neither. Really good.

Then i picked my favorite Taiwanese traditional pastry after the Pineapple cake the Sun cake! I hate Moon cakes but i like Sun cakes. It’s a little bit like “frangipane” (not as good but it helps to wait for January). Again a lot of layers and it’s hard to eat, but it was good.

Then i tried for the first time the Milk cake. It’s pretty much the same as the Sun cake, except the filling inside, that i find too heavy. I prefer the Sun cake.

They also have jujube cakes, rasperry cakes, melon ones, red been, moon cakes, almond cookies…

Chia Te
Nanjing East Rd, Sc 5, N°88
MRT: Nanjing East Road

Traditional Mooncake after the hour

18 Oct

I went to a bakery that was supposed to be good at baking mooncakes for the festival (well, my Taiwanese friend told me so), but i thought you could find them only during the Moon Festival. SInce my last experience with a mooncake, i didn’t want to try another neither. So i went there, picked one little thing that i was hoping would be filled with “frangipane” since one of my friends had one filled with it once. I saw the word “egg” on it, but still, since everything is made with egg, and Taiwanese love to mae their food sound healthy, i thought it was only one of the ingredients…

So imagine my surprised when i cut the cake, to find a real cooked egg yolk inside! Oh my god. I was soo disappointed, and scared to try it. A sweet dessert with and egg yolk…That’s was really hard for me. But i managed to do it. Result: you don’t really taste the egg because of the red been paste around it, but it doesn’t really have much taste at all. Not good and quite heavy, but not as worse as i thought it would be. So in a way that was better than expected.

However, i will be careful to not buy it again, and now i asked for the word “almond” in Chinese to be sure to not make the same mistake twice…

Xanadu 鮮納肚

19 Sep

Last Sunday, my buddy Belinda invited me to another taiwanese restaurant in Zhongxiao Fuxing area. We went there with 3 other Taiwanese people, one Japanese girl and 2 other French people. We restaurant was great and the food delicous.

There was some pig blood in a soup, which looks like liver actually (and i think that it is because i checked on internet and they say that this is the most famous dish from the restaurant). That’s good. It was the first time that i tried it, and it’s really not bad. Then we tried pork,, some chicken with peanuts that was quite spicy, fish (really good one, i’m so ashamed i ate half of it alone), an omelette with shrimps, some squids that were nice too.

As for vegetables, we had some cabbage that tasted great, but i thing i prefer the one from the thai restaurant that i had last time, some green thing that looks like cucumber but is not (less taste and harder), some really long and really thin eggplants that were just awesome, and a soup but again i prefered the one i had in the thai restaurant, because here it was more a broth than a soup, and a spicy veggie that could look like chive, but again, that is not.

The overall is really good, i really liked this restaurant. I think i’ll try to return there if i can, but unfortunately, i can’t read and i don’t know the name of the dishes, so i’ll need to bring some taiwanese friends with me again next time.

10 Ln 101  Zhongxiao East Road Sec 4
MRT: Zhongxiao Fuxing


18 Sep

The first restaurant i went in Taipei. Sorry but i don’t remember the name of the building where it was located.

The spinach were, well, spinach. I haven’t tasted any bad spinach so far, so it is pretty much the same everywhere for me. The chicken was mixed with ginger and the cooking quite nice.

I loved the shrimps with the frying even if the sauce was too spicy for me. Maybe i’d have cooked the shrimps a little bit more, but it was good.

The eggs in the middle…tasted like tofu, so i didn’t enjoy it and i can’t tell if it’s good or not.

As for the dessert, it was tapioca bubbles with some black sesame fresh cream. That was delicious. So far this is the only good dessert i have found. Fresh, with game of textures between the bubbles and the cream, tasteful and without too much sugar.

This restaurant is quite great, but more expensive than the others: count at the very least 600TWD per person.

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