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Xanadu 鮮納肚

19 Sep

Last Sunday, my buddy Belinda invited me to another taiwanese restaurant in Zhongxiao Fuxing area. We went there with 3 other Taiwanese people, one Japanese girl and 2 other French people. We restaurant was great and the food delicous.

There was some pig blood in a soup, which looks like liver actually (and i think that it is because i checked on internet and they say that this is the most famous dish from the restaurant). That’s good. It was the first time that i tried it, and it’s really not bad. Then we tried pork,, some chicken with peanuts that was quite spicy, fish (really good one, i’m so ashamed i ate half of it alone), an omelette with shrimps, some squids that were nice too.

As for vegetables, we had some cabbage that tasted great, but i thing i prefer the one from the thai restaurant that i had last time, some green thing that looks like cucumber but is not (less taste and harder), some really long and really thin eggplants that were just awesome, and a soup but again i prefered the one i had in the thai restaurant, because here it was more a broth than a soup, and a spicy veggie that could look like chive, but again, that is not.

The overall is really good, i really liked this restaurant. I think i’ll try to return there if i can, but unfortunately, i can’t read and i don’t know the name of the dishes, so i’ll need to bring some taiwanese friends with me again next time.

10 Ln 101  Zhongxiao East Road Sec 4
MRT: Zhongxiao Fuxing

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