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Croissant like Bun

7 Oct

I had seen this bun shape in several bakeries here, so i wanted to tried. It has a little bit the shape of a big croissant but one that is still not totally rolled.Since it was quite big compare to their other bum, i thought it would be filled with something.
What a disappointment, it was dry, not fresh at all. The bun wasn’t good, not soft as the other ones. I’ll not take it again.

Chiffon cake

7 Oct

Another attempt at the bakery. Again, it was really smooth, but this bun had the taste of fruits. I don’t know which one, maybe melon, but i’m really not sure. I’m still amazing by their bun and how different they are. Good, but i prefered the other one that i tried before.

Shaved Ice…finally…

1 Oct

It’s been a while since i wanted to go to Shilin night market. Not for shopping, but for food of course. It’s supposed to be the best night market on this subject. I’ve heard about Oyster omelettes, Stinky Tofu and Shaved Ice. Unfortunately for me, i couldn’t taste the 2 first ones, but i bothered so much the people wandering with me about the Shaved Ice, that we went there. And i did right, because everyone liked it in the end.

So, what’s special about this ice cream? It’s made of milk, and it is exactly like coconut. They grate it so it really look like snow. They add fruits with it or chocolate, peanut, red beans… depending on what you want. However, you can also have simple shaved ice with different taste than milk and no fruits. It’s quite big so you can share: we had 2 ice creams for 5 and it was ok.

The restaurant we went is one of the most famous of the market, you have to wait to get your seat, and once you’ve finished eating, they quickly quick you out to let other sit down. It’s near the teather. Unfortunately, i can’t read the name in Chinese.

I couldn’t find any dessert that i really liked here, well, i’ve finally found it. But that’s for summer, i need to find one for winter, now…

Shilin Market

On the right side of the teather near the MRT exit

Taiwanese Almond yoghurt jelly

1 Oct

I tried this desert because i had already tasted a sample of almond milk and it was pretty good. So i wanted to see if this yogurt (which is actually between a jelly and a yoghurt) would be the same.

How was it? You know the lotions you use for your skin with almond flavor? Well, try to think eating the same taste. I really like it. but again the flavor wasn’t strong enough. I suppose that comes with the country, since even chocolate is often tasteless here. They gave me some mango purée to put on it, but almond milk and mango…i don’t know, i prefer almonds alone.

The texture of the yogurt is really jelly like and pretty hard to eat (like every jelly i’d say). Maybe i’ll eat some again.

Taiwanese dessert: Douhua 豆花

25 Sep

Some Taiwanese friends shew us the way to try a typical dessert. I was quite scared actually with my past experiences with Taiwanese desserts, but this one was ok. This is called Douhua, it’s a soup with some kind of paste which is actually the same thing as tofu but less solid (that’s what i understood). The flavors are mainly with beans (red beans, green beans, tapioca, peanuts…). You can ask for/without ice.

It’s jelly-like and it’s a soup again, but the flavors were a little better, and even if it’s still quite sweet, it’s better than the desserts i’ve tried so far. I might eat it again once or twice in the year.

Taiwanese Breakfast part 2

25 Sep

Another typical taiwanese breakfast (3 meals for me) today.

I tried a chocolate steamed bread (巧克力馒头). I tasted more like licorice than chocolate, and it was quite tasteless in fact. Not really good, but since it’s steamed, i guess that’s why it’s like this. I really like the shape though.

Secondly, i tried a congpao (葱包), with a lot of pepper, onion and some other plants but i’m not really sure of what it is. The bread tasted like real western bread, maybe less salted but there was quite a lot of pepper so it was hard to say. On the top, there were some seeds. Quite good.

Then, i went for the famous fried thing called Youtiao (油條) for taiwanese breakfast. Oily, fat, and even if it’s dough, that’s really empty inside, not like churros at all. And it’s salted. But just too oily for me.

Then tried the pancake i had last time but with cheese and bacon. They didn’t do it the same way as the other shop, and the taste was quite different, but this is like a real omelette. And the other pics are some i took in the morning. The one on the right is people queueing for their breakfast in the famous shop. The one in the middle is the shop i tried today.

Finally, i chose a little cake called supin or something like that. I thought there would be mean inside but it’s just like red beans execpt that’s white and the inside is a little bit like “pâte feuilletée”/puff pastry.

Taiwanese Dessert or how to think over your foundations

19 Sep

I wanted to finish my diner by something sweet because as you may know, they don’t eat sweet things at the end of a meal in Asia. So my buddy and her friend brought me to a famous shop for a dessert. This dessert doesn’t have any name, because you can choose 4 ingredients between a lot to put in, so basically you can have an infinite possibility of different tastes.

I chose a cold one, with tapioca, another thing that made the shop famous, ice and something else which was white. I must say that so far it was the worst dessert of my life. Imagine hot jelly things with ice under, that you have to mix to make it neither hot nor cold in the end, that is extremely sweet and in a juice of sugar. That makes what i ate. I wasn’t able to finish.
However, the Japanese girl chose a hot one, with red beans and sweet potatoes and something else, and even if it wasn’t really good, it was better already. I just must not take the jelly things.

That’s where you can really feel the difference between the 2 cultures. For me who’s a sweet tongue that got used to delicious western pastries the last few months with the game of textures between crispy, smooth, creamy and all…jumping to those “jelly-lover” dessert is really hard. I mean, i’m pretty sure that the shop they took me to was really popular and good for them, but my view about dessert is just so different. It’s quite hard to get your tongue used to their desserts. They have amazing food concerning main dishes, but desserts… so far that’s pretty hard. I have to totally think over about what is considered as good and as a great dessert here. That’s really challenging. I hope i can do it, but i’m not sure i’m really prepared for it…

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