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29 Nov

The easiest French recipe ever that reminds me childhood…

Ingredients for 1 person:
– 4 slices of loaf
– butter
– 2 slices of ham (or 4 of Taiwanese ham)
– Grated Emmental

On the first slice of loaf put a little butter, then add your ham on it, and then grated cheese. On the second slice, only use cheese and then put the second slice on the top of the first slice. Make another one (yeah, 2 croque-monsieurs for a person), and cook around 5 minutes in the oven (or what we have and they call an oven). That’s ready! It’s better with some lettuce.

Pumpkin Soup

9 Nov

Again a recipe to have some vegetables. However i don’t know most of the veggies here and i don’t speak chinese well enough to find the translation. And since there’s only one micro waves, the easiest thing to cook is soup.

– chicken broth
– one little pumpkin (800g)
– 1 liter of water
– half an onion
– salt

Cut the pumpkin, the onion in small pieces and put into 1L of water with one cube of chicken broth and salt. Cook for around 15mn in the micro waves.

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