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A rant

29 Dec

I was passing by in front of Paul on the second floor of Shin Kon Mitsukushi, when i suddently stopped. I couldn’t believe my eyes: what were those horrible things that they dare sell to the customers? What was that? I went closer to look at it. No, it couldn’t be. Coffee nun and chocolate nun, my favorite cakes had turned out into a monstruous thing. I know Paul in France, and if they would show those “pastries” (i can’t even call that a pastry, a 5 years old kid would do better), their reputation would seriously be questioned.

I agree that it’s nice for the brand to expand itself, but it must not mean doing bad quality and having a stand that isn’t really clean. They should at least train their employees to do acceptable pastries, because when you see the price that is the one of the best pastry shop of the city, while the quality is just average, it can’t work. They should really be careful. For example in Lalos, they keep 2 French bakers that train the locals and do cakes according to their level. Then you can slowly progress and develop your range of products. But starting by doing sh*tty things, you won’t go far.

I hope i won’t see that again because that’s typically the kind of things that ruins the image of French pastries. And it’s even more a problem when it touches my favorite dessert.

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