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22 Dec

I was invited to Paulaner, so it was free.

We started with a begel, served with butter and “paté”. The paté was nice, and the begel  just hot.
The beers were not that good. At least it had the german taste, but the lager beer wasn’t strong enough. I mean the taste was barely there. I also tried the dark one, which had a little more taste, but not that much neither, and then i returned to the lager one, hoping it would be a little better, but not. A German told me that it was because it was opened too long ago and that the taste was like this. 

Then we had salmon and chicken wings (not really German though): the salmon was cut too thick for me, which spoils the taste a little, but the chicken wings were ok (just eating with bare hands isn’t my favorite thing). After came the German dish with 3 sausages: one white, one with cheese inside, and a normal one, with beef, and pork with its fried skin (that is good). The mash potato was too thick again, lacking milk and smoothness, while the cabbage was ok. The fish however was really nice, il really liked the sauce on it, but again, the mash potato had the same problem.
Then came the cheese pizza, which was really nice, with tomato sauce under and a crispy dough. It was better than the one i had in Alleycat’s (which is a restaurant i would rather erase of my memories). You had cheese and red hot pepper served with it, os it was nice.

Finally the dessert. I recognized the Dark Forest (that German didn’t). I never had a dark forest before, but i still can tell if it’s good or not: chocolate taste: none (i mean, like Taiwanese chocolate cakes), cherries and kirsh= one or two cherries, but really, no strong taste, i find out it was cherries because of the shape and texture. Then, the cream, which was ok. This was a dessert and as i like dessert i finished it, but not a good one.

Overall: the main dishes are nice, even though that’s not high class food, but don’t go for the dessert, the beer and the side dishes.

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