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Mom’s Pie – NCCU delivery

24 Nov

Since today i finished my exam and wasn’t really happy about the Chinese one, i decided that i needed something sweet. And, lucky me, tiday is Thanksgiving day. So the “famous” pie seller around the university that usually only comes on Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 8pm stayed longer today. I was finally able to taste these pies that everyone talk about in the area and that taipei food blogs also know. I was then expecting much about these. I was quite disappointed.

I chose 3 (i’ve been wanting to try them for 3 months now, so of course, i had to try several!): Pinapple coconut cheesecake, coffee cheesecake and strawberry banana pie. I must say that was the first time that i remember eating a cheesecake (i ate once in NYC but i can’t remember the taste, so..). I think that i just don’t like the cake in itself, because both cheesecake weren’t that good. I mean, it’s easy, you can’t really taste the fruit or coffee flavors and i don’t really enjoy this texture that’s creamy but heavy and too much cheese flavor. That’s the cake in itself that i don’t like, so i can’t really judge it, since that’s also my first time eating one.

However the strawberry banana pie was ok. Not exceptional though. I will not travel around the city to get one, and i don’t think i’ll buy another neither. I ate 3 and i was still hungry as if i hadn’t eaten anything! It’s still too “American like” dessert, which are usually not my cup of tea, except a few sweets. 

Mom’s Pie
75 Neihu Road, Section 2
Neihu District

In front of Kuma
Tuesday, Thursday
3pm to 8pm

Bobo Chacha – NCCU

14 Nov

Last week, I tried their meal for the first time. I was expecting some fried noodles with what i read, but i ended up with a spicy noodle soup with clamps. Oh oh. The joys of my basic level in Chinese.

Anyway, spicy here is spicy, they don’t joke about it. Clamps had all things inside, with was nice compared to some other restanraunts were they’re empty. However the one and only shrimp wasn’t in it best shape. The fried tofu was like a sponge because of the soup. Noodles were just noodles, but truthfully i couldn’t taste anything since my mouth was in fire and totally burn.

Not exceptional. Advantage: it’s cheap and big. Next time i’ll try their rice, since all locals take rice.

Ludocafé – NCCU

14 Nov

I tried a coffee there since the weather is quite shitty here. One whole week of rain, non-stop. Every morning before opening my eyes i try to listen to the rain, hoping that, no, finally today i won’t hear it. But well, it doesn’t seem to work. So what’s best when you have to study and it’s raining than something hot? 

Thus i went to this coffee shop, after going 2 times to Starbucks (but it will ruin me if this goes on). Hazelnut Coffee Latte. I didn’t really feel the Hazelnuts, but the coffee latte was ok. Not that good, but not too sweet as the Caramel Mochiatto that’s horrible (i tried it 2 times in Starbucks and another shop, that’s a way too sweet. Too bad because i like the flavor though).
The shop in itself is quite nice, with some music and pictures. A good alternative if you don’t want to pay twice as much for the same thing. And it’s not too crowded so you can stay there a long time.

Japanese Restaurant – NCCU

9 Nov

Not really that good. Ok, but too expensive i think for what it has to offer. The fish isn’t that great and it’s not like a real Japanese Restaurant (at least compared to what i’ve tried in Japan)

Curry at the Left Hand

9 Nov

Another try. Say “Ka li” for curry: fried chicken with veggies. Here curry is pretty famous but don’t expect the western curry: it’s mostly sauce with some rice.

Baobao noodles – NCCU

31 Oct

Benjamin brought me to his favorite noodle restaurant called Baobao (in the small street on the right side from the main gate).

They’re good at dumplings and i tried his favorite dish, with was a spicy seafood noodle soup. And he made me try Pork’s ears (yeah, i tried Pork’s ear and ate cartilage!).
The dumplings were good, i liked them. The soup was really spicy but nice too. Just the noodles really looked like spaghettis, so it was a little bit strange, but it was nice. And well, the pork’s ears…if you don’t try cartilage it’s ok, just like normal meat, but i really don’t like the crispy side of the bones. Benjamin bought the ears so next time it’ll be my treat! My favorite is still the left hand restaurant and the korean one, but this one is good if you want dumplings!

Bobo Chacha dessert – NCCU

31 Oct

I asked for a light dessert, and then Benjamin told me to try Bobo Chacha dessert, which is a Malaysian dessert. It’s quite strange, made out of sweet potatoes, taro, and i think something like pumpkin (well, the orange color and the same consistency), everything put in coconut milk. Not too sweet and quite light, and not too QQ, so it was actually not bad (maybe i’m starting to get used to soup as desserts?! Can you believe it??).

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