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13 Apr

Berries Mont-Blanc

This is unfortunately not a good one. The dough is nice, but the chestnut cream is not that good, because the alchool flavor (i think it was rum), was a way too strong and the cream in itself heavy (but well, i guess with this cake, you can’t make it light).
Then the chantilly didn’t have any flavor or at least the chestnut cream was too strong again to let it express its aromas.
However the berries were nice.

This one is a no no for me.

Praliné éclair

This one isn’t that good neither, the praliné cream was not strong enough, but i really like the harmony of caramelized almonds and the praliné, which strengthen the praliné’s aroma. So for this, it was nice. Also, there was a little problem with the chocolate on the éclair, they put too much on it which ended up making the shape not really regular.

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