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7 Nov

In lack of western food, i went to a famous pizzeria here. It’s a chain, call Alleycat’s and i’ve seen seeral reviews saying it was good and one of the best of the city. So i tried, expeting a real italian pizza. Hum, i wonder how’s the worse if that’s the best pizza…(i know i love to criticize).

I chose a chorizo and ham pizza. The dough isn’t right: not cook enough, and crispy, but crispy like a chips, not like a pizza dough. The tomato sauce was lacking and the pizza in itself was lacking taste. I had to put a lot of tabasco and chilly to eat something with taste, while i usually can’t stand spicy food (i wonder what kind of chorizo they put…). The filling is aoily like american pizza, but they tried to make a dough like an italian pizza, so it ends up in a weird mix between a pizza-tacos. And 10 inch: 473 TWD.

I felt quite bad. Even wore when i saw pizza hut just behind with free buffet for around 300TWD. For junk food, i’d rather to pizza hut and get my hawai pizza.

MRT Taipei Main Station M6

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