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The 0 kcal dessert

27 Oct

You always dreamed about it? 7-eleven made it true…

What is this dessert. Well, don’t expect too much: Jelly. You have the choice between 4 flavors, and that’s already quite a lot. I thought it was impossible, but it seems not.

How is it? Not as bad as i thought it would be. And it’s quite big, so once finished you’re quite full. That’s nice. However there’s a weird taste in the end, i don’t know what it is…


Taiwanese Almond yoghurt jelly

1 Oct

I tried this desert because i had already tasted a sample of almond milk and it was pretty good. So i wanted to see if this yogurt (which is actually between a jelly and a yoghurt) would be the same.

How was it? You know the lotions you use for your skin with almond flavor? Well, try to think eating the same taste. I really like it. but again the flavor wasn’t strong enough. I suppose that comes with the country, since even chocolate is often tasteless here. They gave me some mango purée to put on it, but almond milk and mango…i don’t know, i prefer almonds alone.

The texture of the yogurt is really jelly like and pretty hard to eat (like every jelly i’d say). Maybe i’ll eat some again.

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