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Sweet tea 2

7 May

I finally got the see the new shop of Jean-Paul Hévin in Taipei 101. It doesn’t seem to have open yet, but i’ll definetely try it.

This week in Sweet tea, i tried the small lemon cake and its candied lemon, the strawberry jam financier, the apple tatin tart and the sugar tart. 

The small lemon cake is nice, but nos as good as the on of Pierre Hermé. Indeed, you have this lemon flavor and the candied lemon is very nice, but it’s a little too dry and heavy compared to PH lemon cake, so it’s more difficult to eat an dnot as enjoyable. Howver the taste is really good. It just depends what you’re looking at when you eat a cake. I would put it between Pierre Hermé and Des gâteaux & du pain in second position.

Then,the strawberry jam financier. The jam is delicious, one of the best i’ve eaten, you feel the strawberries under you teeth and the flavor is really strong, it’s totally different from the industrial ones. However i prefer the mix almond-caramel than almond-strawberry jam.

The sugar tart. I didn’t know what it was first, but in the end it’s a big “palmier” but in a tart shape. The outside is a little crispy and the inside is soft. It’s sugar, for sure, there’s like asugar syrop that makes it impossible to cut the tart. It’s a really good “palmier”, but i am not perticularly fond of this viennoiserie.

The apple tatin with a vanilla whipped cream quenelle. Again the vanilla cream has this different taste (i would swear there is alchool in it but it’s impossible) which i don’t really enjoy. The apple tatin is really nice.You can feel the apples and the caramel which is not too strong and doesn’t overcome the apple flavor. The apple are not too cooked and purée-like which i like. I just wonder what kind of dough they used because it seems different than the usual puff pastry, but maybe that’s becaue of the way of cooking it…

Overall, i prefered last week fruit tart and caramel financier.

German Cake

18 Oct

Why would i wrote about a german cake if i’m in Taipei? Well, Taiwanese do like to put western attribute to their cakes, so here is a Taiwanese version of a so called “German cake”. However i doubt that’s really the case, as their “French breads/pastries” look nothing like French. And i asked some German girls if they knew about it (since i’m in an international environment, that’s easy to check), and it seems that they don’t.

Anyway, back to the cake itself. The dough is really big here, and too dried to be good. The cream/flan is heavy, but creamier than the usual. However, again, it lacks taste. And then you have the jam, that mixed itself with the cream quite well.

Overall: to heavy and creamy, no subtlety at all.

Kiwi Jam

22 May

A new recipe that i tried from nademic.fr.
I had a few old kiwis left and since I didn’t want to throw them, I decided to make jam! So let’s go!

700g of peeled kiwis
460g of sugar (I think 450 is fairly enough if you don’t like sweet things)
1/2 apple
A quarter of a lemon (I used a Ginger, lemon jam since I didn’t have lemon)
1 cap of rum
1 knob of butter

 Cut your kiwis in small pieces and add the sugar with the apple cut in really thin slides. Then put it in the fridge for 3 hours. 

Afterward, make your fruits boiled (small bubbles) during an hour. Add at the same time the knob of butter so that you’ll not have scum. You have to mix often because of the sugar. Near the end, add your rum and the juice of the lemon/ the lemon jam. But you have to put it into jar or it will not last long.

Bon Appétit bien sûr ! 😉

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Une nouvelle recette que j’ai essayé comme il me restait des vieux kiwis que je ne voulais pas jeter. Elle vient du site nademic.fr

Ingrédients :
700g de kiwis pelés
450g de sucre
1/2 pomme
¼ de citron (j’ai utilisé de la confiture au citron gingembre comme j’avais plus de citron)
1 bouchon de rhum
1 noix de beurre

Couper vos kiwis en petits morceaux et y ajouter le sucre et la pomme coupée en très fines lamelles. Mettre au frigo 3 heures. Ensuite, faire bouillir (petites bulles) pendant une heure. Ajouter assez rapidement le beurre pour éviter l’écume. Remuer souvent à cause du sucre. Vers la fin de la cuisson, ajouter le rhum et le citron. Mettre en bocal directement.

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