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Taiwanese Pudding

18 Apr

Taiwan has a lot of pudding, with a lot of different flavors: almond, red beans, douhua…well a lot, and in 7/11, you can already see a pretty wide range of pudding. I picked one to try.

It’s like a flan, but creamier, between ‘crème renversée’ or custard but with less caramel, and the taste is also less strong than our industrial flan.

7-eleven: Western Chocolate Cake

24 Nov

When i decide that a day is going to be unhealthy, well, it will really be, so to continue after the cheesecakes, i went to get a chocolate bum from 7-eleven. Not western-like at all, it’s more like a chiffon cake with a thin little chocolate cream in the middle. So far that’s the most chocolated thing i’ve tasted in the area, as here everything “with chocolate” actually means “without chocolate taste”. Light, that’s not bad, i actually prefer it over the chocolate cake i tried in the first bakery.

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