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Lalos 2

13 Nov

Again i went to Lalos shop. I needed some bread for Foie Gras, so i took 2: the Longuet and honey bread. With this, i tried the plain biscuit and a flan.

The Longuet is really good alone in fact. It’s too strong to go with Foie Gras, but i loved its aroma. Crispy as it should be. Yum Yum. Better than the one i usually buy in Paris.

The Honey Bread. Also really nice and goes well with the Foie Gras. The honey flavor isn’t too strong and sweet, so it just gives a little touch to the bread. Also really good, but i prefer the Longuet for everyday meals.

Biscuit. Hum, it seems that Lalos isn’t good at baking biscuit. The Palet breton wasn’t that good last time, and this plain sablé was really not interesting at all. I forced myself to finish it. Not good, it doesn’t have any taste.

The Flan. Nice one, the pastry was a little hard which was great, but i prefer flan a little less cooked. But i had trouble to ask for it. I mean, it was written “flan” at the counter, so i said it normally, but the women made me repeat 3 times and then she pointed at an “éclair”. Huuum, yeah, that’s nearly that… ^^” that’s nice to show off how frenchy the bakery is and use a lot of French terms, but if it crumbles down at the first word you pronounce for a cake, i don’t see the point of doing it. Just to say (yeah yeah, i love to criticize again, i know).

German Cake

18 Oct

Why would i wrote about a german cake if i’m in Taipei? Well, Taiwanese do like to put western attribute to their cakes, so here is a Taiwanese version of a so called “German cake”. However i doubt that’s really the case, as their “French breads/pastries” look nothing like French. And i asked some German girls if they knew about it (since i’m in an international environment, that’s easy to check), and it seems that they don’t.

Anyway, back to the cake itself. The dough is really big here, and too dried to be good. The cream/flan is heavy, but creamier than the usual. However, again, it lacks taste. And then you have the jam, that mixed itself with the cream quite well.

Overall: to heavy and creamy, no subtlety at all.

Flan Parisien sans pâte

27 Aug

Michalak again, and what to do with your eggyolks. Notice that the size of the mold is quite important, otherwise it will be too thin.

Ingredients for 4 people:
– 500g of milk
– 120g of sugar
– 50g of cornflour
– 12,5 cl of fat whipping cream

Boil the cream and the milk. Aside, mixe the sugar, the egg yolks and the cornflour. Add the boiled milk and put on the fire again for 30s while whipping. Poor in a big plate and cover the cream to the contact with plasic wrap (it has to touch the cream). Wait until it totally cools down. Then whip again and put in your 18cmx4cm mold. Prehead to 180°C and cook for about 35mn until you see dark marks on it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Encore et toujours Michalak et que faire avec ses restes de jaune d’oeuf. A noter que la taille du moule est importante, sinon il est trop fin (comme dans mon cas).

Ingrédients pour 4 personnes:
– 500g de lait
– 120g de sucre semoule
– 5 jaunes d’oeufs
– 50g de Maizena
– 12,5 cl de crème liquide (entière dans mon cas)

Bouillir le lait et la crème. A côté, mélanger les oeufs, le sucre et la maïzena. Verser le lait bouillant dessus en remuant et remettre sur le feu 30 secondes, toujours en remuant. Verser dans un grand plat et couvrir au contact avec film film plastique jusqu’au refroidissement complet. Fouetter à nouveau la crème et verser dans un moule beurré et fariné de 18cm de diamètre et 4 cm de haut. Préchauffer le four à 180°C et cuire 35/40mn le temps de voir des taches noires sur le dessus. Refroidir sur une grille (attention le flan tombe très facilement du moule ^^”).

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