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Traditional Mooncake after the hour

18 Oct

I went to a bakery that was supposed to be good at baking mooncakes for the festival (well, my Taiwanese friend told me so), but i thought you could find them only during the Moon Festival. SInce my last experience with a mooncake, i didn’t want to try another neither. So i went there, picked one little thing that i was hoping would be filled with “frangipane” since one of my friends had one filled with it once. I saw the word “egg” on it, but still, since everything is made with egg, and Taiwanese love to mae their food sound healthy, i thought it was only one of the ingredients…

So imagine my surprised when i cut the cake, to find a real cooked egg yolk inside! Oh my god. I was soo disappointed, and scared to try it. A sweet dessert with and egg yolk…That’s was really hard for me. But i managed to do it. Result: you don’t really taste the egg because of the red been paste around it, but it doesn’t really have much taste at all. Not good and quite heavy, but not as worse as i thought it would be. So in a way that was better than expected.

However, i will be careful to not buy it again, and now i asked for the word “almond” in Chinese to be sure to not make the same mistake twice…


18 Sep

Last week was the Moon Festival. People usually do BBQ and eat mooncakes, but that’s all. So, i tried one mooncake. The traditional one is filled with an entire egg yolk. However, one of my friend had tried it and it was quite bad. 

I asked for the less sweet that the bakery had, and they gave me this. I recognized black sesame and almonds.
The filling is too heavy, it stays in your mouth, a little bit like fruit jelly but less sweet. I’m not used to black sesame taste so it became quickly sickening. I asked the others what they thought about mooncakes, and they also don’t really enjoy it. Still, black sesame and almonds are a good match.

This one is from the brand Milkhouses.

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