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香宫 Shang Palace – Shangri-La

24 May

I was invited to a Chinese and Cantonese restaurant, supposely to be one of the best of the city when it comes to dim sum. However we went there for Chinese food. I’m not a real Chinese food lover and my friend wanted me to change my mind.

We started with a Pu’er tea from Yunnan, and some beans as appetizers.

For the main dishes, we had  fried rice with crab meat and purple rice, beef, roasted duck, hot and sour shrimp soup, and some beef.As for the dessert, it was some steamed black sesame buns.

I’m really not an expert when it comes to Chinese food, but the purple rice was the better i ever had. I need to know how to cook this. The roasted duck was really different from the one i had in Beijing, it was nice but i still prefer the real Beijing duck with the crepes. The beef was really tender and in nice slices (not small pieces of beef with only fat like you often find). The soup wasn’t really spicy and had a nice flavor. I’m still not used to the thickness of some Chinese soups but so far it was the best i had in Taiwan.

For the dessert, the steamed bun were nice. I like sesame because it has a pretty strong flavor and not too sweet. It’s a pity we can’t find more pastries with sesame in France.

Shang Palace
Shangri-La 6th Floor
201 Tun Hwa South Rd, Section 2,


18 Sep

The first restaurant i went in Taipei. Sorry but i don’t remember the name of the building where it was located.

The spinach were, well, spinach. I haven’t tasted any bad spinach so far, so it is pretty much the same everywhere for me. The chicken was mixed with ginger and the cooking quite nice.

I loved the shrimps with the frying even if the sauce was too spicy for me. Maybe i’d have cooked the shrimps a little bit more, but it was good.

The eggs in the middle…tasted like tofu, so i didn’t enjoy it and i can’t tell if it’s good or not.

As for the dessert, it was tapioca bubbles with some black sesame fresh cream. That was delicious. So far this is the only good dessert i have found. Fresh, with game of textures between the bubbles and the cream, tasteful and without too much sugar.

This restaurant is quite great, but more expensive than the others: count at the very least 600TWD per person.

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