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Pear and Caramel Dome

17 Aug

A thin layer of caramel cream, a pear mousse, some poached pears, a little crispy with the pralin and nuts, all this on top of an orange soft biscuit. That’s exactly what is in this dome. I have to say that i love its shape, like Saturna.

They gave me this pastry for free and actually i wouldn’t have tried it if they didn’t give it to me. It wasn’t appealing, but i was really surprised by it, and actually i think this is their best entremet.

Last but not least pastry before going back to the country of Pastries!


Jean-Paul Hévin – Taipei

4 Jul

I had to try in the end some of his products. As you know, i’m not fond of chocolate (i don’t say no to a piece or two of chocolate, but in desserts that’s not what i prefer), so i picked the milk chocolate with salted butter caramel and a hot chocolate powder.

The chocolate was really nice, not too sweet as it’s often is with caramel. Nothing to say except that’s really good.

However, concerning the chocolate powder, i’ve several things to say. I know that his shop was elected as the best hot chocolate in Paris. Actually i wanted to drink one but the room was already full, that’s why i ended up buying the powder.

But the powder comes without any information about how to make the hot chocolate. So i made one as i could, and i was really disappointed in terms of flavor, texture. I really prefered Angelina cocoa powder which at least gives you the recipe about how to make your hot chocolate. This one i think didn’t have enough chocolate but then it was too bitter for me who’s not fond of dark chocolate.

So far, my favorite ever hot chocolate was the rich one from Café Pouchkine. And just to let you know, prices are 1,5 time more expensive here than in France.

Jean Paul Hévin
Taipei 101
MRT Taipei City Hall

Idea: revisited Tatin Tart- Big Apple

24 May

Inspired from my mother’s childhood snack with apples and jam in the middle.

A caramelized pastry dough, a roasted apple in caramel and butter and with in the middle vanilla cream/custard. Around the apple there would be some caramel and then the apple is wrapped in the dough. On the top a small meringue. Like a tatin tart: pastry dough, caramelized apples.

Café Chin Chin

23 Oct

I think i have found my coffee shop. I still have to go there another time to try their salads and tea time cakes which look amazing, but i really liked their Caramel Macchiato with Latte Art. What’s more you can seat outside but still be hidden from the street, and the staff is nice. The only problem is that it’s quite expensive: 140 TWD for one e, even if it’s a big one, that’s not cheap compared to the 35 TWD of the Americano from Mc Donald.  And you also need to go there. But anyway, it was nice and i’ll come back again for sure.

Café Chin Chin
MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing

Des Gâteaux & du Pain 2

31 Aug

I went shopping with my mother for the last day, and she wanted to stop by Des gâteaux & du Pain to buy the almond & grape bread that i bought the other time. Once there, i shew her the pastries just because she didn’t see them last time. I told her about their most reputated one, the Salted Butter Caramel Religieuse, and she said that se wanted one for lunch. So of course i couldn’t let her eat one alone, so i took one too. She’s really good at tricking me like this. But i told her about their guimauves, so she bought it too. I wanted to buy a lemon cake for tomorrow trip at Pierre Hermé’s shop which is close, but she bought me 2 lemon cakes: one from Pierre Hermé, and one from Des gâteaux & du Pain (Am i not lucky? 2 cakes from the best bakeries of Paris to leave ~). I’ll look like a crazy person tomorrow in the plane with my 2 cakes in their package, but well, i am crazy about pastries anyway.

So let’s go back to the main topic: the Salted Butter Caramel Religieuse. Hum hum… Is it my fav? Awww I don’t know. Coffee Religieuse is my god, but i’ve found his wife. This one is better, but i’d not eat it as easily as i’d eat my coffee religieuse, because the taste is more perticular, and this salt butter caramel doesn’t go with a lot of things. It’s amazing, the puff is not too soft, it’s fresh, and the cream inside is really salty, tastes like caramel, really original. And you have a little gold leaf, so that’s awesomely beautiful. Nothing is better looking than a great religieuse, so it was really good. I was not disappointed at all by this cake, and just truly enjoyed it without thinking that i’d not have enough.
The size was perfect, i only ate that as my lunch because i wasn’t hungry, but it can easily finish your meal. It’s really a different religieuse than Carl Marletti’s version, but i don’t know which one i’d prefer. The puff is really different here, hard, and the cream more a little bit more liquid, so the consistences are more different (hard + liquid) than Carl Marletti’s one (softer and creamier). This one is really original, you should definetly try it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

En allant faire du shopping pour mon dernier jour, ma mère a voulu qu’on s’arrête pour aller chercher du pain chez Des Gâteaux & du Pain. Je lui ai montré les gâteaux qu’elle n’avait pas vu la dernière fois, et quand j’ai commencé à lui parler de leur gâteau le plus populaire, la religieuse au caramel au beurre salé, elle m’a dit qu’elle en voulait une pour ce midi. Et comme je ne pouvais pas la laisser manger un gâteau toute seule (ce serait un crime contre l’humanité pour la conscience et pour ce pauvre gâteau solitaire), j’en ai aussi pris une. Elle est douée pour me piéger ma mère…Mais pour me venger, je lui ai parlé des guimauves comme je sais qu’elle aime ça. Donc, des guimauves en plus. Et comme je voulais un cake au citron de chez Pierre Hermé pour le voyage, elle m’a achetée 2 cakes au citron: un de chez Pierre Hermé (avec d’autres gâteaux pour ce soir) et un de chez Des gâteaux & du Pain (je ne suis pas chanceuse?). Demain je vais me retrouver avec 2 cakes dans mes bagages à main. Ils vont surement le prendre pour une folle dans l’avion, mais après tout, je suis bien gaga de pâtisseries, alors tant pis.

Enfin, retournons à notre sujet principal: la religieuse caramel au beurre salé. Est-ce que c’est ma favorite? Awww difficile à dire. En tout cas, si la religieuse au café est mon dieu du dessert, il a trouvé sa déesse. Cette religieuse est meilleure, mais je la mangerais moins facilement que celle au café, car elle est beaucoup plus difficile à accorder et spéciale. Le caramel est salé, comme son nom l’indique, donc c’est un dessert salé. Excellent, mais vous ne pouvez pas boire votre café après par exemple, ça ne va pas du tout avec (horrible, une atrocité).
La taille du choux était vraiment bien. J’ai mangé que ça pour déjeuner, j’avais pas très faim, mais elle peut terminer un repas sans problème, et elle n’est pas trop petite pour que l’on reste sur notre faim.Le choux en soi est excellent, beaucoup plus ferme que ce que j’avais jamais mangé, et la crème plus liquide par contre. Il y a donc un jeu des textures assez intérêssant. Le chou est vraiment différent de celui de Carl Marletti, chez qui le jeu des texture est moins important (crémeux et plus tendre). On a donc là deux desserts vraiment différents. Cela dépend de vos envies en fait. Une touche d’originalité ici, mais pas pour tous les jours. Les meilleures choses doivent rester exceptionnelles, sinon elles perdent de leur valeur.

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