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Eric Frechon’s Risotto pasta

10 Aug

Ok, that’s not as glamour as the dish itself, but this is the cook of the recipe: Eric Frechon

After watching the final episode of “Un dîner presque parfait” (A nearly perfect diner), – a TV show that teams up the best amateur cooks by city and that compete against each other until the final, where they got judged byone of the 23 best French cooks (the 23 chefs= 48 Michelin stars altogether, just seeing them all on a table eating the meal you made for them you feel like you’re watching the Knights of King Arthur’s round table, or something as impressive). Anyway, the last 2 teams were Paris (Yeah!) and Brive. Guess who won?? Of course, Paris :p. The amateurs were only 21 and 18 years-old (i dislike this pedant teenager, but yeah, he’s truly amazing when it comes to cooking u.u”) , while usually people there are between 35-70 years old. – Anyway, my mother and i watched this last episode which happened at the hotel Le Bristol, where there’s a 3* Michelin restaurant. The Chef there, Eric Frechon was one of the judges and he asked as a test for the candidates to cook pasta with only 10cl of water. We, watchers, were lucky to see the recipe and the technic used, while the poor candidates had to find the right way by themselves in 20mn.When she saw the recipe my mother was nearly drooling and immediately said: “You have to do this recipe by tomorrow!” So we went to the supermarket to buy everything needed, and here it is.

I just want to specify, the ingredients are for 3, but we eat a lot of pasta at home (when i say a lot it’s a 500g package for 3 and usually we eat 2 serving each) so you can say that’s for 6 small/normal eaters. I did put any pepper and black olives.

Ingredients for 3/6 people depending the way you love pasta~:
– 400g of penne rigate
– 12cl of olive oil
– 85g of shaved parmesan
– 85g of grated parmesan
– 1/2 strong peppered chorizo cut in really small pieces
– 10 half of dried tomatoes cut in small pieces
– 18 leaves of basilica cut in small squares
– 1 big tomato or 2 normal (he put a whole container of cherry tomatoes but i didn’t have any cherry tomato) cut
– chicken broth in jelly
– water

In a pan, put your olive oil, your penne rigate and your tomato. Heat it 1minute and a half while mixing. Then add your chicken broth and water. Be careful! Don’t put too much water! It must not cover your pastas, so about 60cl/80cl maybe, i didn’t check how much i used. Mix during 15mn (don’t stop mixing), until your broth juice disapear, then add the basilica, the dried tomatoes, the chorizo, the grated parmesan, and mix for 1minute and a half again, then serve in your plate and add your shaved parmesan.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

En regardant “Un dîner presque parfait” la finale nationale (je passe la description de l’émission, car, qui ne connait pas?) qui se déroulait au Bristol, chez Eric Frechon, nous avons découvert la recette des pâtes cuisinées façon risotto. Ma mère m’a alors dit: “Demain, tu nous fait ça!”, donc aujourd’hui nous sommes allées chercher les ingrédients qui nous manquaient, et direction les fourneaux.

Je tiens à préciser que la recette est pour 3 gros mangeurs de pâtes (on se fait le paquet de 500g à 3, et en général, on prend le double des portions pour les pâtes fraîches), donc c’est soit pour 3 gros mangeurs, soit pour 6 petits/moyens mangeurs de pâtes.

Ingrédients pour 3/6 personnes selon que vous aimez les pâtes~:
– 400g de penne rigate
– 12cl d’huile d’olive
– 18 feuilles de basilic coupées en morceaux
– 10 lobes de tomates séchées coupées en morceeaux
– 1 grosse tomate coupée en 16 et pelée ou 2 moyennes
– 1/2 chorizo coupé très petit
– 85g de parmesan en copeaux
– 85g de parmesan rapé
– un bouillon de poulet en mode gelée de chez maggi
– eau

Verser l’huile d’huile, votre tomate et les pâtes dans une casserole pas encore trop chaude, remuer pendant 1,30 minutes et recouvrant bien toutes vos pâtes d’huile. Rajouter votre bouillon de poulet comme ça et rajouter un peu d’eau, mais il ne faut surtout pas que l’eau recouvre les pâtes (ca fait environ 60/80cl d’eau). Remuer pendant les 15 mn de cuisson, tout le bouillon doit disparaitre. Rajouter le basilic, le chorizo, le parmesan rapé, les tomates séchées et remuer 1,30mn, et servir aussitôt en rajoutant les copeaux de parmesan dessus.

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