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Le Quinze de Lionel Flury

28 Aug

My last but not least restaurant in France for a year. Quite sad, but i hope i’ll find amazing food in Taiwan too.
We went to celebrate my last week-end in France to Le Quinze, a restaurant in the XVe arrondissement near Vaugirard (this place is just THE place to eat between Pierre Hermé, Des Gâteaux & du Pain, another Pastry MOF, and restaurants…), in a small street.
You have to know, in Paris, all the best address are always hidden in areas you wouldn’t notice.

All in grey, the room is quite small, cosy and relaxing. The staff also is very nice, there were only 2 people and the woman who served us was really lively. Maybe there was one or two problems when she served because the sauce would moved and the pattern in the plate was a little destroyed, but she was so nice that is didn’t really matter.

As a “Mise en bouche” we had a peas & mint gaspacho with pepper hair, which was really refreshing. We were not really hungry but this made us expected for the following. Their bread is really good. Ok, maybe not cooked enough, but the olives one is just to die for. I finished all the olive breads so the next customers didn’t had any left (no no i didn’t only eat bread i promise!).

My mother, who doesn’t enjoy very much crustaceans, chose the Foie Gras with its Apple Jelly, Porto sauce and Mango-apple Chutney. We all tried the Foie Gras and it was really melting in the mouth.
my father started with a spider crab with Nori seaweed, confit tomatoes & cucumber tartar and vegetables jelly. He liked it very much, and as always, his favorite went for the confit tomatoes (i now can confirm that he’s a tomatoes addict).
As for me, i went for the lobster carpaccio with sesame, wasabi and lemon, and a nice a Nori chips. Really refreshing and light, i was really glad of choice. It was really tasteful, so much that i had to drink a little otherwise i was scared that i would not be able to taste my meat.

We all chose meat for the main dish, as the weather is not really nice, we wanted some real meat to warm us.
I chose the pigeon. Since “Le Vieux Logis”, i discovered that i really like pigeon, so here it goes and what’s more, it was a way to compare both restaurants. It was soft, and melting (i think you’ll hear this everytime but truly, when i go to those restaurant, meat is always so melting and nice~). The main attraction of this dish was the sauce. It was with honey and i loved it. Too bad i couldn’t use my bread to “saucer”. The potatoes were nice too.
My father prefered the calf’s sweetbread (i don’t know why but for me this is a typical dish for male, just like “andouillette”), with mushrooms. Great too, but he found it was a little too big, he would have prefered 2 smaller instead of one big.
My mother, the meat-eater of the family, got her Lozère rack of Lamb with mushrooms and eggpalnt caviar. I don’t need to make any statement: even if she doesn’t like eggplants, she finished everything.

My father and i drank a Château Chauvin red wine, also really nice, not oo strong but as you know, i don’t know anything about wine. It was great with the meat.

Now let’s move to the hardest part to satisfy, i call the desserts! Just before, we had some miniardises: Pistacchio muffin (the pistacchio~…), the grenadine marshmallow (no need to have teeth, neither a tongue) and a lemongrass jelly, banana/Cointreau mousse with maple petals.

Chocolate for my mother, Orange mille-feuille for my father and red fruits with gingerbread ice-cream for me. Really good, that’s actually the first time that i’m not disapointed by a dessert in a restaurant, but i know that i wouldn’t have been as happy with the 2 other one. The chocolate mousse from my mother dessert was great, but the white chocolate pastry (that had the same consistence as the red bean pastry in japanese pastries), was quite strange and tasteless.
The orange dessert was like eating a real orange, really good, but orange isn’t my piece of cake so i’m glad i didn’t choose it.

You can count around 230 euros for 3 with 1/2 bottle of wine and meat (count around 30euros more if you prefer fish instead).

Le Quinze Lionel Flury
8 rue Nicolas Charlet
75015 Paris


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