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13 Apr

Berries Mont-Blanc

This is unfortunately not a good one. The dough is nice, but the chestnut cream is not that good, because the alchool flavor (i think it was rum), was a way too strong and the cream in itself heavy (but well, i guess with this cake, you can’t make it light).
Then the chantilly didn’t have any flavor or at least the chestnut cream was too strong again to let it express its aromas.
However the berries were nice.

This one is a no no for me.

Praliné éclair

This one isn’t that good neither, the praliné cream was not strong enough, but i really like the harmony of caramelized almonds and the praliné, which strengthen the praliné’s aroma. So for this, it was nice. Also, there was a little problem with the chocolate on the éclair, they put too much on it which ended up making the shape not really regular.



12 Apr

Now i call the worse fruit ever: the Jackfruit, or Jacquier in French.

I had seen it a couple of times in Taiwan and i wanted to taste it, but then the winter came and it disapeared. So now that it was back, i jumped at the chance to buy one. Why did i ever wanted to do that? I don’t know.
But a grandpa advised me not to buy it, saying that a lot of people didn’t like it because it smelled a lot, lot, lot. But i said that anyway, i had to try….Old people are wise, that’s the only thing i can conclude from this.

First, this is really big, bigger than a watermelon and it has a lot of “peaks” so like even when you hold it it hurts.
Secondly, it’s really expensive because the price is by weight, so the shell is really heavy while what you can actually eat is small and soft.
Thirdly, it smells like hell. I have never seen any fruit that smelled so much. Even though it was in the fridge, i could smell it in all the room. Except for seafood and stincky tofu, i don’t think there’s something worse.
Fourthly, it is really soft inside and has a thin translucid layer that gives it an even worse taste.

In the end, one bite was enough, i had to throw the all thing it was too aweful to eat, and i had to put my garbage outside while waiting tomorrow to also throw it away.

NCCU – Another Japanese Restaurant

12 Apr

Japanese restaurants are the most popular ones around NCCU, or at least you have a lot. This time we tried a new one. It’s nice because you have a lot of choice concerning sushi and maki including vegetarian rolls, californian and philadelphia ones. You can also have a Don if you really don’t like fish and want something hot.

I chose a menu, with 5 suhi and 6 maki and one handroll. The sushi and maki are ok, the fish is a little too hot i think. I prefer it when the fish is still a little bit fresh, and even though you can’t cut it with your tongue, it’s still some really soft one, which i like. The nori however is a little too chewy to be really fresh. I have to say that i prefer this one to the one in Taipei 101 though.

Coffee Alley

6 Apr

The girls tried some caramel and whipped cream waffles while i took the duck and orange salad. The duck is nice, you have enough, even though it may lack some more oranges. What i don’t understand though is the dressing. I have never seen any proper dressing in any Taiwanese salad. Just olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper doesn’t seem to exist here. They have to put everything with this yogourt or mayonnaise like american dressing that waste the flavor of the lettuce. And they gave 2 dressings totally different: one outside that you can add, and one inside the salad. I don’t understand their point. Anyway, the salad otherwise is nice if you don’t mind not real and fresh lettuce, which does’t exist here (they all go under these plastic bag and are processed).

I tried the waffle, it’s not real caramel but a caramel sauce (sweeter and a killer in terms of calories), and it’s pancake dough. Actually it really felt like going back to the States or Canada. It’s really the same flavor. The whipped cream is too heavy for me, just like the dough, but it’s nice of you like pancakes. But just eat one waffle as a dish, don’t take anything salty if you are alone to eat it.

Coffee Alley
3rd Floor ATT4Fun

Lalos – Tea Bread & Honey Fig bread

3 Apr

New products at Lalos, so i tried (you know me, i never take the same thing twice). Tea bread….i’m really not convinced by this one. I personally think that it lacks salt. The tea flavor is really strong, so if you like tea, it’s ok, but i think it’s pretty hard to eat it with anything because the flavor is a way too strong to go with anything else.So either way you eat it alone, or you can try with sweet things like jam maybe, but i never eat jam, so i can’t really say if it’d be nice.

Fig and Honey bread is better though. Better than the fig milkbread and tastier than the honey bread. A good one!

I also saw thet they released a new “chausson aux pommes” (apple turnover) but with banana filling.

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