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Coffee Alley

6 Apr

The girls tried some caramel and whipped cream waffles while i took the duck and orange salad. The duck is nice, you have enough, even though it may lack some more oranges. What i don’t understand though is the dressing. I have never seen any proper dressing in any Taiwanese salad. Just olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper doesn’t seem to exist here. They have to put everything with this yogourt or mayonnaise like american dressing that waste the flavor of the lettuce. And they gave 2 dressings totally different: one outside that you can add, and one inside the salad. I don’t understand their point. Anyway, the salad otherwise is nice if you don’t mind not real and fresh lettuce, which does’t exist here (they all go under these plastic bag and are processed).

I tried the waffle, it’s not real caramel but a caramel sauce (sweeter and a killer in terms of calories), and it’s pancake dough. Actually it really felt like going back to the States or Canada. It’s really the same flavor. The whipped cream is too heavy for me, just like the dough, but it’s nice of you like pancakes. But just eat one waffle as a dish, don’t take anything salty if you are alone to eat it.

Coffee Alley
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