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Tarte aux fruits

15 Mar

I tried a fruit tart. It looked like my grand-mother’s apple cake but with pears, so i wanted to try it, but i was quite disappointed with the taste. We can barely taste the pears because the almond powder is too strong. So it’s more like an almond powder tart. The dough with the almond is quite heavy too and there’s too much syrup for me on the tart. Bad choice at Lalos this time.

Coulant au Chocolat

15 Mar

They call it a “Fondant au chocolat”, but actually that’s a mistake, this cake is a “Coulant au chocolat”. A coulant has a melting heart, while a fondant is just a chocolate cake. So i call it as it should be called: a coulant.

Now, who’s “they”? …Shame on me, it’s Starbucks.
The cake is average, but definetely doesn’t look like a “coulant”. Just by looking at the color of the cake you can see that’s not a home-made! I don’t know why they use a such dark color, while chcolate is never that black. Not really good, not bad neither. That’s something you will take if you want something sweet, but not something you will really enjoy. But that’s what Starbucks is anyway, so it fits their brand image. However their coffees that are quite bad (frappucinos being the exception).

Vanilla cream chiffon cake

15 Mar

I tried a fresh cake in one of the bakery near school. It was actually ok since it’s vanilla. The cake in itself is really light compared to the one we usually have in Europe. The cream is also more like a vanilla chantilly.

Momo Paradise

15 Mar

We went in a group to a hot pot, after we failed entering another one (my mistake, i thought we couldn’t book). So we ended up in Momo Paradise.
It’s an all you can eat hot pot, with 2 choices of meat: pork and beef, at least in the option we chose. Then the waiters come regularly to check if you have everything you need.
The meat is nice, the veggies also, but you don’t have as much choice as the one i went before, like noodles, some fish balls…. So for that point it was quite disappointing. And their desert is one tiny too sweet lemon ice-cream, (that’s just to say they have a ‘dessert’).

SO in the end, what they have is nice, but they don’t have a lot of choice and don’t expect any dessert. But i wasn’t the one choosing the menu, so i couldn’t really see all the options.

Xinyi area

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