Brown Sugar

5 Mar

A bar-restaurant providing latino/jazz live concerts and a danse floor, that makes it a must see.
You can choose between 2 sets with appetizer, soup, main dish and dessert, or  “à la carte”. We picked the first set.
Hum, the ‘salad’ had nothing to do with a salad actually: it was salami with melting cheese. This was nice.
I didn’t want any soup, so i’ll skip this part.
The main dish was a risotto with roasted chicken. The chicken was ok, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the case for the risotto: too much pepper, too much cheese, and the sauce was really too strong. The rice was overly cook for me (but it depends how you like it).
The crème brulée with berries was nice, even though it lacked berries (4 berries in a crème brulée, that’s a little light).
As for the cocktail, i chose the “Paris Runaway”, which was too sweet and chemical (the strawberry sirop). However my friend’s cosmo was ok, so i guess it depends which cocktail you pick.

The live concert was really nice. We had a latin girl singing, and Taiwanese dancing quite well! Looking at them, they all had salsa class before. The atmosphere is really nice and the place also trendy with nice lights. I suggest you to arrive before the concert otherwise all the seat will be full.
Count at least 560NTD for the dinner and around 350NTD for a drink. 

Brown Sugar
110 Songren Road
Xinyi area


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