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Valrhona Chocolate

14 Jan

My parents gave me this package of chocolate to go with my coffee. This is the first time that i have chocolate for coffee and with different chocolate. But actually this is really good because when you have several chocolates at the same time, you can really taste the difference. I didn’t notice how different the flavor could be before. In the package, there is Caraïbe (i think it’s the most commonly used for pastry because it’s the sweeter one), Tainori and Tanariva and Guanaja. The Guanaja is too sour for me, as i’m not a dark chocolate lover, but i think that i prefer the Taïnori in the dark one. Anyway, they’re all nice.

Taichung Night Market

14 Jan

I tried something like a big maki that was supposely Korean. It was filled with red bean rice, kimchi and other veggies. The difference with a maki is that it’s hot d of course there isn’t fish. Quite nice, but really huge.

Luihe night market – Kaohsiung

14 Jan

We tried dumplings in the supposed most famous night market in Kaohsiung, Luihe. The night market in itself is quite small and except fish it’s quite difficult to find other things.
The dumplings were quite nice but with too much green onion for me. If you want to seat you must order 20 dumplings for 80TWD.

The other thing was a shaobing filed with meat and again green onion. It was a little spicy, and i thought that this time too, the green onion flavor was too strong and hid the taste of the meat.

Foody things in HK and Taiwan

14 Jan

A few things i saw in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Fresh frog (poor me) and hearts, snakes in Taiwan.

Shark fin in Hong Kong.

Pastry mold (mooncake and waffles) in Hong Kong.

Fresh peanuts

14 Jan

It’s quite difficult to find fresh peanuts in France, but here in winter you can easily find them warm in fruit shops. It’s a little like a bean (les poids du cassoulets) and soft and the taste is really different. I prefer the dry one though.

Small Red Banana

14 Jan

Another fruit, the red banana. I had seen one in Hong Kong 6 years ago, but i didn’t eat it. As i saw one a few days ago, i finally try it: even sweeter than the small ones, but that’s just a banana and the inside is as yellow as a plain one.

Macau delicacy: Egg Tart

14 Jan

If you tell me Macau, i’ll reply Egg Tart. So when i went there, i had to try one. However i was quite disapointed. Maybe i didn’t try the right shop, which is the most likely thing. A way too heavy and fat to be nice. I don’t know about the real from Portugal, but this one was like eating butter. Not much flavor.

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