Mister Donut

2 Dec

Mister Donut is so famous here. You can find it everywhere. I still don’t understand why. Maybe because that’s fried and Taiwanese food is also often fried, so they like it. Dunno. Anyway, i tried 3 different of them.

A Choco custard, because it looked it the “Beignet abricot” (apricot donut) i had when i was a child. Unfortunately thay don’t have jam donut, so i chose a chocolate one. This is ok, the chocolate inside is not good, i mean, that’s the typical industrial chocolate, but the donut is ok.

A Pon de Chocolat, which is my favorite because of its shape, and the inside isn’t like a donut, it’s not as cooked.

A Peanuts choco ring. This one isn’t what i expected. I mistook peanuts with hazelnuts…And i dislike peanuts in dessert. So this isn’t good to my taste.

I tried, but they dn’t have anything special, i still prefer pastries. There’s only the pon de chocolat that i might try again.
Count around 25 TWD a donut.

Mister Donut
everywhere, in MRT


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