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Japanese Hokkaido Milk Bread

2 Dec

Talking about bread, i’ve always wented to try the Japanese Milk Bread. I’ve seen this bread on many blogs, and i was wondering how it tasted like. Well, that’s only a mix between a plain loaf and a bun. Maybe it’s softer, but the taste is pretty much the same. Or maybe that’s not a good enough bakery, i don’t know. But i was quite disappointed.

Kumquat Juice

2 Dec

First time having to deal with Kumquat (and seeing what it is). That’s really nice, fresh, and is sour like lemon but sweeter at the same time.


2 Dec

For me, Alone= let’s try some restaurants that i spotted which look nice and more expensive than 200TWD. So i went to SYS Memorial, the area that seem the nicest for restaurants so far. I had seen a nice Japanese one, and since i wanted to eat raw fish, that was perfect. A lot of people go to eat sushi in crowded places or in food courts, but i think that to appreciate food you need to be in a calm environment, not with too much noise and too crowded. And it’s even more important when it comes to the simplest food, like sushi and sashimi. Otherwise you can’t really concentrate on the dish and really taste the difference. That’s only my point of view, but that’s why i haven’t tried any sushi in Taiwan so far. As it’s already more expensive than average, i’d rather go once and to a place of my taste. I know i’m picky.

So anyway, i went there. First, they don’t have any menu outside and even inside, you just ask for the fish in front of you and the cook do it for you (like a Teppanyaki but with fish). So when i entered i was quite hesitating to really eat there (no menu means expensive usually). But when i asked for the price, i understood 150 TWD. So i thought it was awesome and not expensive at all. But that was my mistake, actually it was 1,500 TWD. (Hum, i really need to improve my Chinese…)

Anyway, they give you tea in a nice cup, ginger, green onion, white radish, soy sauce and wasabi. Then you ask for the fish you want, or since i didn’t know what i liked, the cook prepares several fishes. I had squid, tuna, really small and white raw shrimps, eel (really good), shell, and some other fishes. They were just awesome. I prefered soft fishes, and i just didn’t use my teeth at all to eat them. The tongue was enough to cut them. Just delicious. So far this is the best raw fish of my life.Then i had some seaseed, an egg soup (that’s quite weird), some soy beans, and as desserts, another tea with a green passion fruit and a red bean paste, which was quite nice.

The cook i had was the chef, and he was really nice. We chatted all the time, and he corrected me on the way to eat sushi, with which sauce i should eat which sushi. He also made magic tricks with my watch, his money, and to give me his card. We talked about Taiwan, the differences between Taiwan and France. The waitress were also really nice, one was my age and we exchanged our facebook, so i’ll see if something will go out of it.
From what i’ve seen, the customers are mainly regulars.

I loved their tea cup, so i asked them where they had bought it, and they gave me because they said it was made in Japan and nowaday the company doesn’t produce them anymore. So for the price, i had a free teacup, magic tricks, cutting raw fish demonstration, how-to-eat sushi lesson, someone to talk with, and my meal. I don’t know why but i always find it’s really fun to go alone to the restaurant (not all the time, but sometimes yeah), you can talk with different people there and learn a lot of things.

Nice restaurant anyway.

MRT: SYS Memorial

Vegetable fried bread

2 Dec

It’s a mix between a dumpling and a “bao”, because that’s a fried bao, but with a thiner dough. It’s really nice, and only 12 TWD for one. You can choose between meat, green vegetables or cabbage.

You have a lot of small shops selling it around Taipei Main Station. 


Snail without Shell

2 Dec

I tried it since i wanted to. Quite disappointed in fact. I chose the beef and green onion one for 40 TWD, but the dough is quite dried. I thought it was like my green onion bread, but no. However their packaging is really nice and convenient to eat the snail while walking.

Snail Without Shell
MRT: Taipei Main Station

Mister Donut

2 Dec

Mister Donut is so famous here. You can find it everywhere. I still don’t understand why. Maybe because that’s fried and Taiwanese food is also often fried, so they like it. Dunno. Anyway, i tried 3 different of them.

A Choco custard, because it looked it the “Beignet abricot” (apricot donut) i had when i was a child. Unfortunately thay don’t have jam donut, so i chose a chocolate one. This is ok, the chocolate inside is not good, i mean, that’s the typical industrial chocolate, but the donut is ok.

A Pon de Chocolat, which is my favorite because of its shape, and the inside isn’t like a donut, it’s not as cooked.

A Peanuts choco ring. This one isn’t what i expected. I mistook peanuts with hazelnuts…And i dislike peanuts in dessert. So this isn’t good to my taste.

I tried, but they dn’t have anything special, i still prefer pastries. There’s only the pon de chocolat that i might try again.
Count around 25 TWD a donut.

Mister Donut
everywhere, in MRT


2 Dec

Yogourt ice-cream is pretty popular in Taiwan. Here is another brand, Hielo, which proposes 0% fat yogourt ice-creams. What is great is that you have the choice between a waffle ice-cream and a cupcake one. I chose the cupcake one, which a lot of fruits (called Kate). You can also make your own ice-cream if you prefer. I prefer this one to Yogourt, the ice-cream taste less like yogourt.

Count around 150 TWD for one cupcake hielo.

ATT 1F Xinyi Area or several location
MRT: Taipei City Hall

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