Ludocafé – NCCU

14 Nov

I tried a coffee there since the weather is quite shitty here. One whole week of rain, non-stop. Every morning before opening my eyes i try to listen to the rain, hoping that, no, finally today i won’t hear it. But well, it doesn’t seem to work. So what’s best when you have to study and it’s raining than something hot? 

Thus i went to this coffee shop, after going 2 times to Starbucks (but it will ruin me if this goes on). Hazelnut Coffee Latte. I didn’t really feel the Hazelnuts, but the coffee latte was ok. Not that good, but not too sweet as the Caramel Mochiatto that’s horrible (i tried it 2 times in Starbucks and another shop, that’s a way too sweet. Too bad because i like the flavor though).
The shop in itself is quite nice, with some music and pictures. A good alternative if you don’t want to pay twice as much for the same thing. And it’s not too crowded so you can stay there a long time.

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