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Bobo Chacha – NCCU

14 Nov

Last week, I tried their meal for the first time. I was expecting some fried noodles with what i read, but i ended up with a spicy noodle soup with clamps. Oh oh. The joys of my basic level in Chinese.

Anyway, spicy here is spicy, they don’t joke about it. Clamps had all things inside, with was nice compared to some other restanraunts were they’re empty. However the one and only shrimp wasn’t in it best shape. The fried tofu was like a sponge because of the soup. Noodles were just noodles, but truthfully i couldn’t taste anything since my mouth was in fire and totally burn.

Not exceptional. Advantage: it’s cheap and big. Next time i’ll try their rice, since all locals take rice.

Ludocafé – NCCU

14 Nov

I tried a coffee there since the weather is quite shitty here. One whole week of rain, non-stop. Every morning before opening my eyes i try to listen to the rain, hoping that, no, finally today i won’t hear it. But well, it doesn’t seem to work. So what’s best when you have to study and it’s raining than something hot? 

Thus i went to this coffee shop, after going 2 times to Starbucks (but it will ruin me if this goes on). Hazelnut Coffee Latte. I didn’t really feel the Hazelnuts, but the coffee latte was ok. Not that good, but not too sweet as the Caramel Mochiatto that’s horrible (i tried it 2 times in Starbucks and another shop, that’s a way too sweet. Too bad because i like the flavor though).
The shop in itself is quite nice, with some music and pictures. A good alternative if you don’t want to pay twice as much for the same thing. And it’s not too crowded so you can stay there a long time.

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