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Lalos 2

13 Nov

Again i went to Lalos shop. I needed some bread for Foie Gras, so i took 2: the Longuet and honey bread. With this, i tried the plain biscuit and a flan.

The Longuet is really good alone in fact. It’s too strong to go with Foie Gras, but i loved its aroma. Crispy as it should be. Yum Yum. Better than the one i usually buy in Paris.

The Honey Bread. Also really nice and goes well with the Foie Gras. The honey flavor isn’t too strong and sweet, so it just gives a little touch to the bread. Also really good, but i prefer the Longuet for everyday meals.

Biscuit. Hum, it seems that Lalos isn’t good at baking biscuit. The Palet breton wasn’t that good last time, and this plain sablé was really not interesting at all. I forced myself to finish it. Not good, it doesn’t have any taste.

The Flan. Nice one, the pastry was a little hard which was great, but i prefer flan a little less cooked. But i had trouble to ask for it. I mean, it was written “flan” at the counter, so i said it normally, but the women made me repeat 3 times and then she pointed at an “éclair”. Huuum, yeah, that’s nearly that… ^^” that’s nice to show off how frenchy the bakery is and use a lot of French terms, but if it crumbles down at the first word you pronounce for a cake, i don’t see the point of doing it. Just to say (yeah yeah, i love to criticize again, i know).

Indian Palace – Taipei 101 Food court

13 Nov

I tried this one. The curry is nice, but the rice is so so. The soup is ok too. Anyway it was 135 WD, and compared to the other restaurants in the food court, it’s cheap. So if you want some change, go for it.

Oyster Omelette

13 Nov

Yeah, i ate Oysters. I had to try one of the most typical Taiwanese night market food, so i did it. But that was the one and only time. I just hate it, because of oysters, so i can’t really say anything about it. Just put sauce on it, because it doesn’t have any taste without it. I think that’s the main point of the omelette. It doesn’t have any interest without sauce.

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